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Profile Design 4525c Aerobar Extension

Profile Design 4525c Extension

The Profile Design 4525c Extension is a carbon extension that features two bends, a 45º followed by a 25º. The use of two bends allows riders to move around on the bike, they can opt for the lower section, which opens up the head, or the upper section, which shrugs the shoulders. The ability to move without leaving the time trial position means that these bars are ideal for those who get stiff while riding, especially for events where the rider is in the position for several hours. The 4525c also have a 7.5mm lateral offset, allowing the rider to achieve a position wider or narrower than straight bars would offer, without having the extensions contact each other. With the trend of aerobar positions rising to cover the face, these bars accommodate that. They also benefit from the cable routing space within the aero extensions themselves.

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