Frame Selection Report.

Frame Geometry Match Service.

Our frame geometry match service is for cyclist who want all their bikes to have the exact same position. Its most commonly used when someone purchases a new bike that they want to match up to a previous bike fit position (usually using data from a previous retul bike fit).

When to use this Service?

This service is ideal in the following circumstances:

  • Matching a new bike purchase to a previous bike fit position
  • Matching up multiple bikes to be the same bike fit position 
  • Re-setting up a bike to a known position if the position was affected during an accident or during travel (or just tinkering gone wrong).


Our Retul bike fit system allows us to measure any bike and ensure that we can set up all contact points and components nearest millimetre and degree. Our accuracy allows us to match up the following contact potints 

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle setback
  • Saddle angle
  • Handlebar stack
  • Handlebar reach
  • Handlebar drop from saddle
  • Grip Reach
  • Grip Angle

Have you already had a Bike Fit?

If we already have your bike fit geometry in our files from a previous bike fit, you can simply book a bike geometry match online or phone us to find a suitable time. We usually ask the bike to be left with us for 24hrs. 

If you have not had your bike fitted by us before but would like us to match up a new bike, we provide a frame measurement + frame geometry match service. During this service we will

  • Ask you to bring in both your bikes – existing and new
  • Measure your existing bike fit position using our Retul bike fitting system so that we have all the coordinates available
  • Replicate this position across onto another bike that is provided



  • Detail
  • Digital measurement of bike geometry
  • Comprehensive bike geometry and frame selection report
  • Email support selecting your new frame
  • Set up new bike geometry using digital data

Frame Selection Service

  • Using your existing digital retul bike fit data to prepare a report outlining which frame models and accessories will fit your position
  • Additional $120

Frame Selection Service (inc Zin)

  • Digitially measuring your bike fit position and prepare a report outlining which frame models and accessories will fit your position
  • Additional $120

Frame Geometry Match

  • Setting up your new bike to match your existing bike fit geometry position to the nearest mm through our digital measurement
  • N/A

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