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Argon 18 E119T Seatpost + Tailwind Box Triathlon Assembly

Argon 18 E119T Seatpost + Tailwind Box Triathlon Assembly

The Argon 18 E119T Seatpost with Tailwind Triathlon Assembly integrates a hydration, nutrition and survival storage solution designed for the ultimate Argon 18 triathlon bike E-119 Tri+. Argon 18 has provided an aerodynamic advantage during races and training which is entirely integrated and customisable for every rider’s needs. Gives the bike a sleek look by integrating the accessories in its design.


Seatpost – Triathlon-adapted geometry including an angle of 78 degrees. Adjustable position +28mm to -28mm to create an optimal fit for any level of athlete. Made with carbon.

Box – Solid plastic with a capacity of 1.5L (1500mL). Content examples: repair kit (tubular tyre, C02 catridge,etc) and other (food, cell, light jacket, etc). Pad box’s content with rag or foam to avoid rattle if necessary. Has a secure closing strap.

Slide Post – Secured onto the seatpost. The length is extendable but not further than the minimum insertion mark. The end has a range of adjustment 24 degrees to -5 degrees.

Hub – The box inserts into the hub. There is an easy release valve.

Installation Instructions – Refer to Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ Assembly Guide.


Specific to Argon 18 triathlon bike E-119 Tri+ (can be added to Argon E-117 Tri frame)
Seatpost: Carbon.
Box Capacity: 1.5L / 1500mL.
Colour: Black.

What’s in the Box?

  • Seatpost ASP7600.
  • Argon 18 logo end cap for seatpost.
  • Tailwind Box.
  • Tailwind Hub and Slide Post.
  • Two bolts.
  • 14 March 2017

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