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Swimming Smoothly and Efficiently: Stroke Correction & Swimming Technique

How you swim and your swim technique is a major influence on how efficiently and effective you are in the water. Swimming with a good technique can improve your speed but also reduce the effort you are expending.

Reducing drag in the water is a key component to swimming smoothly and more efficiently. The minimal amount of resistance you can create against the water means more power is applied to propel you in the direction you are going rather than expending energy fighting against the water.

3 key factors in swimming efficiently…

  1. Body and head position – A more streamlined body position, a flatter profile like a pancake rather than an ice cream cone, produces less drag in the water. Wherever you are swimming whether it be on top of the water or below, the key is to be as flat as possible like a board to reduce drag. Head position and hips influence body position, keeping your head horizontal with the water line is a major component. If you lift your head, something else will drop, namely your lower body which increases the drag.
  2. Rotation – correct rotation enables you to utilise your back muscles more effectively, providing more power and reducing the risk of shoulder injuries. Initiate rotation with your hips rather than your shoulders.
  3. Arm shape – the shape of your arms and the motion of how you pull through the water greatly impacts your momentum. Applying your hand, forearm and upper arm as 1 lever and in an optimal shape combined with rotation produces an efficient swim stroke.

The Onebody Stroke Correction clinic addresses key components of your swim stroke over 5 sessions, working on 1 component for each session.

Each week the Swim Clinic addresses a particular element of swim technique working through key drills, explaining the why as well as how to do the drills correctly, additionally providing individual tips on your technique and personalised feedback.

Check the Stroke Correction and Swim Squad page for the next clinic dates. Enroll via the Onebody app or contact us on 02 8677 5605 or via email info@onebody.com.au

Download the Onebody Health and Fitness app via Google Play or the Apple Store and click on Swim squads to enroll.

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