TrainingPeaks Training Programs.

Take the thinking out of your training.

Do you want to train smarter and more effectively with easy to follow programs that work with all your smart devices and training apps?

We have over 100 training programs already available for various events, distances and ability levels. Our training programs are provided through TrainingPeaks and are available  for anyone with a local or online membership.

Some of our training programs available include...

To make full use of our training programs, we created a Free Training Zone calculator with video guides to easily work out your training zones to follow your program effectively


All our training programs include...

  • Daily sessions tailored to to your event and your ability
  • Sessions based on your Individualised Heart Rate training and racing zones
  • Sessions based on your Individualised Power training zonesfor cycling
  • Downloadable session files that will sync with your smart devices and apps such as TrainerRoad, Zwift, PerfPro and Garmin & Wahoo Devices
  • Access to Virtual Sessions such as Strength, Pilates, Recovery & More  
  • Video links to any drills so you can watch them before your session

Watch how simple and easy it is to follow our training programs!

Finished your event and want to train for something new? You can change your training program at any time – Just contact us and we can help you select the best option.

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Meet the Onebody Triathlon Coaches.

All our triathlon coaches are professional full time Triathlon coaches qualified and accredited through Triathlon Australia.

Onebody’s Triathlon coaches cater for athletes of all levels and ages from beginner triathletes including juniors and adults to experienced and advanced aged group triathletes.

Daniel Bain.

Nadene Moore.