Freestyle Stroke Correction Clinic.

Freestyle Stroke Correction Clinic.

Our freestyle stroke correction clinic teaches swimmers of all levels about the fundamentals of their swimming stroke and how to improve their speed and efficiency while reducing their effort level.

The popular freestyle correction clinic has been running for over 10 years and has been attended by countless triathletes and swimmers of all abilities who want to improve.

The clinic is held over 5 consecutive weeks and session content includes:

  • Learning to reduce drag and frontal surface area while swimming
  • Learning how to improve your range of motion and flexibility to improve your swimming biomechanics
  • Learning how to activate and utilise the major muscle groups for swimming
  • Learning how to develop balance in the water and reduce the drag created by your torso, legs and feet
  • Learning how to maximise your catch to improve your propulsion through the water
  • Freestyle specific swimming drills that teach you how to reduce your drag in the water
  • Freestyle specific swimming drills that teach you how to improve your catch / pull and propulsion
  • Learning the fundamentals on kicking and how you can improve your kick using exercises out of the water and swimming drills in the water
  • Open water swimming techniques and tips for triathlon

Stroke Correction Clinics are held at the ASTA centre located at 78 Best Road, Seven Hills

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What to Bring

  • Flippers (essential)
  • Frontal Snorkel (essential)
  • Kickboard
  • Pullbuoy

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