Personal Training.

Personal training is available for anyone who requires regular ongoing guidance and support for their exercise goals for fitness as well as improving strength and mobility. We provide personal training as both a one on one service as well as for small groups.

Our approach to personal training and strength training is unique because we aim to improve your movement patterns prior to starting your functional strength training. Using this process, we aim to gradually improve your functional movement and your functional strength.



  • Detail
  • Personalised Sessions
  • Mobilty work
  • Flexibility Work
  • Strength Program

Individual Sessions

  • Work with a trainer one on one to reach your desired goals

Group Sessions

  • Train with your friends or family

Personal Training.

We use the basic principles of improving your functional movement patterns as the basis for improving your fitness and health in our personal training sessions

Our sessions will incorporate mobility routines and exercises to help improve your range of motion prior to engaging in strength or fitness based exercises. This method allows is to prepare your body for training and allow you to train with a better posture and gain a better outcome while minimising your chance for injury.

We provide safe, low risk exercises that will generate the results that you need by combining it with consistency and patience. There is no need for high risk exercises in our training methods – we teach you to train the smart way regardless of your overall personal goals.

All our personal training sessions are conducted by accredited professionals registered with Fitness Australia.

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