Custom Bike Build Process.

Onebody provides a world class level of bike building and customisation service that starts with finding the bicycles that are ideal for you and building them with the components that suit your biomechanics and your desired components. Here is our step by step process.

Frame Selection Fit

We start with the fit position first and work backwards to determine all the ideal bicycle models and components that suit you best. Full details on our frame selection fit can be found here.
During the initial frame selection fit, we will
Conduct a thorough biomechanical screening to determine your range of motion and help narrow down the bicycle frames styles and components that will suit you best
Complete a full retul bike fit on our Retul Muve bicycle so that you can see your biomechanics in real–time while we determine the ideal bike frame geometries for you. An example Geometry Report can be found here
Generate a report on all the frame geometries that suit you best. The report is impartial to brands and will include frame sizes, stem lengths, seatpost offsets and spacers.
A sample road frame report can be found here.
A sample triathlon frame report can be found here.
Recommend components that are most suitable for you including crank lengths, cycling shoes and pedal systems





Custom BIcycle Design Brief

The next step in the process is finding more about what sort of bicycle suits your needs so that we can help narrow down your choices for custom building 

  • What the bike will be used for
  • Desired features (eg aero shape, component integration, ride characteristics, weight, all road vs race)
  • Preferred bicycle brands 
  • Preferred wheel brands
  • Preferred groupsets
  • Budget

Final Parts Selection & Ordering

Once the major choices of the frame, groupset and wheels have been determined, we start ordering all the parts and the specific components needed for the ideal build. This includes

  • Chain ring and cassette options
  •  Power Meter
  • Crank Length
  • Stem / Dropbars selection or Integrated dropbar-stem combination
  • Saddle
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Tyres
  • Bar tape
  • Bike computer, mounts and accessories
  • Pedals
  • Bottle Cages
  • Bartape


The first step in the custom building process is to assemble the majority of the frame, fork and seatpost as well as the key contact points – stem / dropbars, saddle and brake/shifters. At this stage we assemble all the bike components needed to prepare the bike for initial measurements to set up the planned  bike fit position (eg steerer tube spacers, stem length, saddle height etc).

Geometry Measurement checking

Once the basics of the frame and geometry are assembled, we take the bike for full measurement of the position to set up the following to within millimetres of the custom geometry plans 

  • Saddle Height & Saddle Set Back
  • Handlebar Reach / Handlebar Stack
  • Grip Reach / Grip Angle

At this stage of the build, the steerer tube on the bike remains uncut so that we have full adjustability available to us for the final fit bike fit.

Installation of the Drivetrain

Once we are satisfied that the bike has been set up according to the bike fit geometry plan, we install the drivetrain on the bike. During this phase we install

  • Bottom bracket
  • Crank Arms
  • Chain Rings / Power Meters
  • Prepare Wheels with Tyres and Cassette
  • Chain
  • Pedals

With the drivetrain installed the bike is ready for a final fit to confirm the position is set up as intended. During this stage, cables and/or hydraulic hoses are excluded from the assembly, so we easily modify bike fit position before the final stages of the custom bike build.

Final Bike Fit

Once we have the bike assembled and the drivetrain ready, we will contact you to complete the final bike fit. During this step, we will have you visit the centre to complete a bike fit and set up all the contact points . 

During this final bike fit, we will

  • Set you up on your new bike and connect all our biomechanical markers 
  • Take measurements of all your biomechanics in real-time and make any small adjustments as needed  
  • We will ensure all the contact points are set up and comfortable (saddle, shoes, cleats, grip reach / grip angle)
  • If we find any areas for improvement in the fit from the original plan, we will do them during this fit as well (eg increasing / reducing steerer tube spacers, adjustments to saddle position etc). 
  • Complete digital measurement of the final bike geometry position to the nearest millimetre for our records and your final reports


This is our final step in the process and once we have reached this stage, we are ready to begin final assembly of the bike and installing all of the finishing build items.

Final Assembly

Once the final bike fit is complete, we begin the process of the final build. This step includes

  • Cutting the steerer tube, handlebars and seatpost where necessary
  • Brake mount facing and caliper install
  • Routing brake hoses and/or cables cut to length
  • Bleed hydraulic brakes
  • Install frame protection kit
  • Install Bartape/grips and accessories
  • Sealant added for tubeless tyres
  • Disc brake bed in
Our custom bike building process is world-class with a level of attention to detail and precision that is unmatched anywhere in Sydney, or Australia. If you would like to chat to us about a frame selection fit and a custom bike build, please contact us







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