Indoor & Online Pilates Sessions Available.

Pilates is a fantastic work out for everyone especially triathletes and cyclists.

Pilates helps to develop the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, focuses on deep abdominal activation and core strength and mobility through the major joints & muscle groups.

Pilates can help with, build strength & mobility, increase overall stability and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

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Choose Plan

  • Sessions per Month (4 weeks)
  • Swim Squads
  • Indoor Powercycle Sessions
  • Run Sessions
  • Strength Sessions
  • Brick Sessions
  • Access to General Training Plans & Virtual Sessions
  • Individual Coaching Plan
  • Discounts on Products and Services
  • Minimum Term


$110 per month
  • 5 Sessions
  • Upgrade Available
  • 3 Months


$210 per month
  • 10 Sessions
  • Upgrade Available
  • 3 Months


$300 per month
  • 15 Sessions
  • Upgrade Available
  • 3 Months


$352 per month
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Upgrade Available
  • 3 Months


What to Expect .

A pilates session catered to your ability that will challenge you

  • A training session that delivers power based intervals that matches your power profile and ability level

  • A real-time display of your data, including including power, cadence, HR and advanced power metrics on our large High definition screens throughout each session to see how you’re going.

  • The latest entertainment in cycling, triathlon & sports to watch during sessions

  • Your data uploaded to TrainingPeaks, Strava or emailed directly to you after each session

  • Friendly support coaches to give you feedback and advice during sessions

What to Bring.

Each Onebody Power Cycle session uses your own bike in combination with our multi-rider system. For each indoor cycling session, you will need to bring the following:
  • Yourself

  • A thick gym mat


Onebody Pilates Studio Location.

Feel free to call us for any other enquiries.

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