Frame Selection Bike Fit.

Our frame selection bike fitting process using Retul motion capture technology and the Retul Muve adjustable bike to provide you with the ultimate service in selecting the correct bike models, frames and componentry.

We can create your ideal bike fit position on the Retul muve and determine the ideal bike brands, models and components to ensure that you have the ideal bike for your biomechanics. The bike frame selection and bike size recommendations we make for you are independent of any bike shop, and we are impartial in the choice of bike brands you would like and where you want to purchase them from. Our goal is simply to provide the best fitting frame for you.

 We can help you choose:

  • Road bikes (both rim and disc brake)
  • Time Trial / Triathlon specific bikes (both UCI legal and non UCI legal)
  • Cyclo-cross and gravel bikes

During the frame selection bike fit we have the ability to adjust and trial all of your contact points and the components that affect your comfort and performance on the bike. This includes

  • Saddles
  • Shoes
  • Pedals & Cleat systems (Shimano, Look & Speedplay)
  • Crank Lengths
  • Stem lengths
  • Drop bars (various shapes and widths)
  • Aero bars & cockpits (various models and options)

Frame selection bike fits involve two visits to the bike fitting studio

  1. Visit one – Physical screening, Frame selection and component optimisation
  2. Visit two – Fitting you to your purchased bike and fine tuning all small details

Frame Selection: First Fit Steps.

Step 1 – Pre Screening & Musculoskeletal Assessment

The first step in determining the ideal frame and componentry on your new bike is determining your unique needs based on your range of motion, mobility and current strengths / weaknesses. Our initial pre-screening will gather background information about you prior to your physical assessment.
  • Your pre-existing discomforts, injuries and issues when cycling
  • Your cycling history and future cycling goals
  • Your riding style (comfort, endurance, competitive or elite with specific needs)
Using this feedback, we will then assess your current physical condition to determine your limitations which may affect frame geometries and component selection. This includes:
  • Hip range of motion and pelvic rotation
  • Flexibility of the spine
  • Flexibility of the lower and upper limbs
  • Muscular dysfunction & dominance / weakness of key muscle groups
  • Ankle, knee and hip stability
  • Shoulder range of motion
  • Core stability

Step 2 – Biomechanical Marker Placement

The next step in the Retul bike fit process is placing biomechanical markers on key anatomical landmarks.

This process requires excellent knowledge of anatomy as well as skill, understanding and experience in the anatomical structure. Our accredited fitter has a vast knowledge of anatomy to ensure this process is accurate.

Your body is marked up with biomechanical markers on both sides of the body so that we can record your biomechanics of both sides to identify discrepancies that may affect your final bike fit position.

Step 3 – 3D Motion Data Capture

Once all anatomical markers are accurately placed over key parts of the body, a biomechanic harness is attached to the rider to capture 3D motion data of the rider with accuracy to the nearest millimetre. This allows us to measure every angle to the nearest degree and nearest millimetre in real time while we make adjustments to the Retul Muve bike.

Step 4 – Creating your optimal bike fit position

Now we create your ideal bike and bike components using a combination of data from the Retul system combined with your pre-screening information and your physical assessment details. During this part of the fitting process, we will create an optimal position while testing and trialling various factors including

  • Saddles
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle position (fore / aft)
  • Saddle angle
  • Crank Lengths
  • Frame stack / Frame reach options
  • Stem length / stem angles
  • Drop Bar width, bar shape and bar reach selection
  • Brake hood options and orientation angle
  • Aero bar selection
  • Aero bar angles
  • Aero bar shapes

During the adjustment of all options, we will use the Retul system to guide the adjustments needed to maintain your ideal position on different components.

Step 5 – Measuring your optimal bike position

Once we have determined your ideal bike fit position, we need to measure it accurately. The retul bike fit system allows us to measure all your contact points to the nearest millimetre. These measurements include

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle set back
  • Frame stack
  • Frame Reach
  • Handlebar Stack
  • Handlebar Reach
  • Grip Reach

These measurements allow us to summarise your fit position ready for frame selection

Step 6 – Choosing your bike frame options

Now that we have your key bike fit position measurements, we can begin the search for all brands, models and sizes that will fit your position. We have access to databases containing hundreds of bike brands and the details of every single model and size within each brand. This allows us to provide a comprehensive list of options. In order to narrow down the selection, we will ask our clients to give us the following to select the best options

  • Budget
  • Disc brake vs Rim Brake
  • Desired groupset (cable, electronic or a specific groupset)
  • Specific brands that they like / don’t like
  • Specific models that they are currently researching

We generate reports that select bikes that work with your budget and desired features. Our report will include the following for each bicycle we select for you

  • Brand / Model
  • Size
  • Stem Length
  • Stem spacers
  • Seatpost offset

We will then provide you with any specific componentry that we think you should select with your new bike including

  • Crank length
  • Drop bar width (including brands / models if requested)
  • Aero bar brand / model recommendations
  • Pedal selection

Step 7 – Shopping & Email / Phone Support

The next part is to go shopping and find the bike you would like from our recommendations and the bike shop that you would like to purchase it from. We will stay impartial in the process of purchasing as this step is up to you to find the best supplier for the bikes we recommend.

If you find a bike that wasn’t on our original list that you would like to consider – simply contact us and we can run the numbers on how that brand / model will work.

You can take as long as you like during this step, some customers take 24hrs, some customers take 6 months to find their ideal bike purchase.

There are multiple variables on every single bike so to ensure our accuracy, we ask all customers to contact us prior to purchasing so that we can double check all the details on your intended bike purchase to make sure we provide specific details for the bike shop to set it up neatly.

If you need help selecting your bike and componentry – we can always do that for you as well. Building custom bikes is a daily event for us and we can source most major brands through our trusted network of supporting shops. if you would like us to take the hassle away once you have selected the model – just ask us to for the supply of any brand and its components.

Frame Selection: Second Fit .

Step 8 – Final bike Fit

Once we have your final bike and it has been set up according to our specifications, it is time to visit us a second time with your new bike so that we can complete your bike fit. During this final visit, we will finish the process of fine tuning all the components. During this visit, we will pay careful attention to the following
  • Cleat Adjustment (fore / aft)
  • Cleat Adjustment (stance width, spacers)
  • Cleat Adjustment (cleat wedges, leg length discrepancy wedges and/or arch support)
  • Orthotics and arch support
  • Retul Futbed (custom cycling inner soles)
  • Shoe selection (including custom moulding if required)
  • Seat height
  • Saddle position (fore / aft)
  • Saddle selection
  • Saddle angle
  • Stem and bar height (spacers)
  • Bar orientation
  • Stem length
  • Bar selection
  • Brake hood location
  • Brake level orientation and adjustment
  • Aero bar selection
  • Aero bar pad location
  • Aero bar extension length



  • Number of Visits
  • First visit duration
  • Second visit duration
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • Retul Biomechanical Marker Placement
  • Real-Time Data Capture & Analysis
  • Fit on Retul Muve adjustable bike
  • Bike Fit to your existing bike
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Saddle Selection & Adjustment
  • Stem Selection and Adjustment
  • Crank Length Adjustment
  • Optimal biomechanical position adjustments
  • Digital measurement of bike geometry
  • Comprehensive Retul Data Report
  • Future Frame selection reports
  • Frame Geometry Match Second bike
  • Fit two bikes on one day
  • Reassessments (90min minimum)

Retul Bike Fit

  • 1
  • 4 hours
  • Additional $165
  • Additional $330
  • $135 per hour

Frame Selection Bike Fit

  • 2
  • 2 hours
  • 2-3 hours
  • - First visit
  • - Second visit
  • Additional $165
  • Additional $330
  • $135 per hour

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