Frame Selection Service.

How Does Our Frame Selection Service Work?

Our bicycle frame selection service is for cyclists & triathletes that are comfortable with their existing bike position and want to ensure that their new bike can match their existing position or include theoretical adjustments that improve the position.

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Impartial Recommendations.

We are impartial to all bike brands on the market so we can ensure that you are selecting the right size frame and have the confidence to purchase your bike from any local bike shop or via a huge range of bike models and frame sizes available online. Alternatively, you can ask us to help you source and build the bike as part of our custom bike building service.

Frame Finder Service.

Our frame finder selection service, includes:

  • A comprehensive bike geometry report with the details of your existing fit position measuring all the key contact points from the Retul software.  A sample road frame report can be found here.
  • A comprehensive frame recommendation report of which brands and models match your existing position or theoretical improvements of your existing position. The Report includes:
  • Recommended accessories and components that you will need to match your existing bike fit position or improve your position. These include:
      • Crank Length
      • Dropbar width / Dropbar depth / Dropbar shape
      • Integrated drop bar selection
      • Aero bar set ups
      • Pedal selection
      • Cycling shoe choice.
  • Once you have selected your bike, we can provide a very simple set up guide for your bike shop so that they can build it to your exact needs. 
  • Once you have purchased your new bike, you can then use our geometry match service to ensure that your new bike matches perfectly to your existing bike.
  • Would you like us to source all your bike parts and components and build it to the nearest milimetre? Check out our custom bicycle building options.

Example Geometry Report

Example Road Data Report

Example Triathlon Data Report

Do we have your existing bike fit geometry data?


Choose the Frame Selection Report option below and fill in the form below with your desirable frame requirements.


We need to measure your existing bike first before we can generate a Frame Selection Report + Measurement option. Please call us directly so we can discuss your need and book an appointment time to measure your bike.

Already have your report?

Here's how to interpret it and the next steps to take.

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Want to understand more about frame geometry and how bikes are measured?

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