Onebody Sports Recovery Room.

Get Access to our State of the Art Recovery Room.

We offer a state of the art recovery room with compression technology to help you reduce your recovery time and prepare for your next training session sooner. 

Recovery after training sessions is just as important as the training session itself. We are committed to ensuring that our members can do both. There are numerous studies that show that compression boots can significantly reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and increase recovery time. 

Compression technology allows you to relax and passively increase your recovery time. This allows you to train again sooner and feel better.

How does compression technology work?

  • During sessions, a deep pressure is applied via air based compression to sequentially massage your limbs and mobilise fluids that accumulate after training such as lactic acid.

  • Programmed cycles of compression results in increased blood flow to your limbs and enhances lymphatic drainage.

  • Passive Air compression of your limbs (rather than active recovery such as stretching), allows you to relax your muscles and assists with increasing recovery time.

What can you expect following a compression recovery session?

  • A similar sensation to having your legs massaged manually

  • Reduced muscle soreness and muscle fatigue

  • Reduced muscle stiffness

  • Reduction in recovery time and increased ability to resume training effectively

  • Improved range of movement and flexibility

  • Reduced swelling and fluid retention

People who would benefit from a compression recovery sessions?

  • Athletes and people who train regularly

  • Endurance athletes who need passive recovery options to enhance recovery

  • People who use gyms and weight training and need to reduce their recovery time between sessions

  • Anyone with joint stiffness

Want to use the Recovery Room?

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Compression recovery sessions are available for all our members as well as casuals and walk ins. If you have any questions about a compression recovery session, please contact us.

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