Bike Servicing.

Bike Servicing.

Our bike service workshop in Castle Hill provides bicycle servicing from our professional bike mechanic, Ed White. Ed has extensive knowledge and experience with bicycle mechanics, road bikes, time trial bikes, bike servicing and understanding how a bike performs best. Bicycles for servicing must be dropped off to the centre and they can be dropped off as early as 6am on some weekday mornings if they have been pre-booked.

When booking your bicycle in for a service, you can include additional notes to let our mechanic know what needs special attention. If you have a special request or service required for your bike that is not listed you can contact us to book in Special Request Services.

We have several servicing level options to ensure that your bike is in top working order.

Scroll down to read more about our bike servicing level options, including our basic bike service, standard service, complete overhaul, power meter installation & servicing, or time-based services. All bike services are booked in advance, you can book online at the bottom of the page, through the Onebody app or by contacting our studio directly. 

Please note, basic bike services must be booked by calling us on (02) 8677 5605



+$10 for Disc Brake +$10 for Mountain Bike
$ 179*
  • Check over all components and torque to manufacturers specification
  • Check over frame and clean
  • Lubricate chain
  • Plus lot's more!


+$20 for Disc Brake +$50 for Mountain Bike
$ 279*
  • All Standard Inclusions
  • Disassemble bike & clean via bio washer
  • Deep clean chain, cassette & chainrings in bio washer
  • Plus lot's more!


+$50 for Disc Brake +$100 for Mountain Bike
$ 499*
  • All Basic & Standard Inclusions
  • Brake bleed with fresh fluid
  • Tubeless overhaul new rim tape, clean valves and fresh sealant
  • Plus almost everything you can think of!

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Basic Bike Service.

Are you experiencing some issues with your bike’s shifting? Are you gearing up for an upcoming race and want to ensure your bike is race-ready? Our basic bike service has got you covered! We’ll give your bike a thorough check up, examining the frame and all its components, including the drivetrain, chain, cassette, chainring, and tyres. We’ll perform a safety check on the contact points to ensure they meet the manufacturers’ torque specification.

Other features of the basic service include:

  • Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Derailleur hanger checked and aligned if necessary.
  • Frame cleaning and inspection
  • Bottom bracket, headset and hub preload checked and adjusted.
  • Drive train cleaning and chain oiling.
  • Wheel inspection to make sure they’re running true and the tyres checked for cuts and wear.
  • Charge electronic shift batteries and update firmware for all components
  • Check sensor firmware. Install new batteries where required

If you require new components, we stock and can order parts to service all major road, TT, and mountain bike groupsets. We have 9-speed through to 12-speed chains in stock and cassettes from close ratio up to 34T for those tough climbs. We also stock Zipp, Vittoria, and Continental tyres/tubes to keep you safe on the road or in top shape for race day.

To book a basic bike service, please call us on (02) 8677 5605.

Standard Bike Service.

If your bike has been subjected to harsh weather and frequent use, a pro tune service is essential for extending the life of its moving components. During our standard bike service, we’ll strip down and degrease the drivetrain, carefully inspecting the chain for stretch/slop and the cassette and chainring sprockets for wear. While we clean and inspect the bike, we’ll also lubricate all mechanical and brake pivots.

In addition to all the inclusions of our basic bike service, with a standard service you also get:

  • Bike disassembled and cleaned via bio washer
  • An overhaul of brake hardware
  • Spoke tension & true wheel check

Our pro tune service includes a check of your tyres for cuts and wear. If you need new tyres or tubes, we stock a range of tyre compounds to suit your needs, from all-out race tyres to those with better wear and puncture protection for training. We usually stock most bottom brackets at our workshop, and if not, we can order them in, or you can bring your own. The most common headset bearings are kept in stock and often ordered in. We also keep bar tape in stock to freshen up the contact points or enhance the colour scheme. For optimum performance, we recommend wrapping your handlebars with new bar tape with every cable replacement.


Complete Bike Overhaul.

At some point, every bike will need some TLC to keep its moving parts working smoothly. With our Complete Bike Overhaul, we’ll strip your bike right down and inspect every component to make sure it’s in tip-top condition. The bottom bracket and headset will be overhauled, ensuring that the bearings last longer and work more smoothly. We’ll also replace the inners and housing for both gear and brake, making sure your shifting and braking are precise and smooth. If your bottom bracket or headset bearings need replacing, we hold stock for most models and specialise in CeramicSpeed bottom brackets to help you save watts wherever you can.

In addition to all the Basic & Standard Service inclusions, our Complete Bike Overhaul includes:

  • Ultrasonic clean chain & hot wax chain immersion
  • New cable & housing installation
  • Tubeless overhaul new rim tape, clean valves and fresh sealant
  • Brake bleed with fresh fluid

Tubular tyres are in stock ready to be stretched and glued, or you can bring in your own in if you need a new tubular tyre glued. We stock parts to service SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo groupsets. Most bottom brackets are in stock in the workshop, and if you have any special requests we can order in, or you can bring your own.

Power Meters (install + servicing) .

Power meters are an invaluable training and racing tool for cyclists and triathletes, and ensuring the accuracy of your power meter is critical to getting the most out of your training and racing efforts. While most power meter manufacturers claim accuracy within +/-2%, several factors can impact accuracy, such as low battery, outdated firmware, or incorrect installation of cranks, chainrings, pedals, and magnets. These issues can result in inaccurate data and make training and racing challenging.

To ensure that your power meter readings are consistent and accurate, we offer a comprehensive power meter service. Our service includes updating firmware, replacing batteries, checking settings in your head unit, and installing and calibrating magnets for maximum accuracy. We’ll also check the accuracy of your power meter on both a computrainer and through a torque reading from a known weight. If needed, we can make factory adjustments to your power meter to optimize accuracy.

Whether you’re using a power meter for every training session or race or just considering adding one to your cycling toolbox, our power meter service is essential for accurate and consistent data recording. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your power meter is functioning at its best, giving you the information you need to reach your cycling goals.

Time Based Bike Service.

If you have a specific bike problem or a special request, or don’t require a full bike service, our additional bike services are here to help. Whether it’s a broken gear cable or a bent derailleur hanger, we have the expertise to tackle the problem. For those with tubular racing wheels, we also provide a service to stretch and glue tubular tyres. You can bring in your own tyre or choose one from our stock.

The most common additional services for customers in at the workshop include;

  • Gear and/or brake cable replacement
  • Wheel repairs hub services, truing and spoke replacement.
  • Tubular tyre install, including removing old tyres, stretching and gluing.
  • Bottom bracket inspection, overhaul and/or replacement
  • Headset inspection, adjustment, overhaul and/or replacement.
  • Electronic shifting diagnostics, firmware, adjustment and optimising up e-tube routing.
  • Derailleurs tune and adjust.
  • Derailleur hanger alignment and or replacement.


If you can’t see the service you want in the booking section below, please contact us to enquire and book in your bike.

Time-Based Service

$ 125*
  • *Per hour

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