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Custom Bike Build – Argon18 E-117

This Argon18 E-117 time trial bike build represents one of the more economically minded custom builds that we have featured, yet still manages to present a clean high-performance build. This is especially true for its mechanical shifting and lack of an integrated headset. This bike is driven by a SRAM 1x mechanical groupset, using componentry from the Force1 and …

Custom Curve – SRAM Red AXS

Our client wanted a completely custom geometry titanium bike and selected the experts at Curve in Melbourne to build this amazing frame. The bike needed to be able to accommodate wider wheels for taking the bike onto gravel roads and also be as light as possible. The custom Curve is equipped with SRAM Red AXS and Campagnolo’s Bora WTO 45 …

The importance of hip mobility for your bike fit position

Hip stability and maintaining a fluid range of motion around the hip region are important to maximize power production when cycling and to prevent cycling based injuries. A bike fit position that is too aggressive or a saddle that does not allow the correct pelvic orientation may result in significant losses of power production that inhibit performance and create discomfort or injury.

How to Reduce Lower Back and Neck Discomfort when Cycling

The most common reason that we see retul bike fit clients is due to lower back pain or upper neck pain discomfort when cycling. There may be many underlying causes for the discomfort but most can be alleviated or resolved completely if you can achieve a bike position with a relatively neutral spinal position. This is most commonly achieved through selecting the right saddle.