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How to Reduce Lower Back and Neck Discomfort when Cycling

The most common reason that we see retul bike fit clients is due to lower back pain or upper neck pain discomfort when cycling. There may be many underlying causes for the discomfort but most can be alleviated or resolved completely if you can achieve a bike position with a relatively neutral spinal position. This is most commonly achieved through selecting the right saddle. The best saddle option for a cyclist allows them to support the pelvis while maintaining a relatively neutral spinal shape. This provides minimal stress on the lower back, thoracic and the upper neck regions. If you can achieve appropriate support through the pelvis and the cyclist can provide reasonable core stability, this will resolve the majority of back pain complaints. Most cyclists will try to resolve their discomfort by increasing the height of the front end of the bike. This may assist in alleviating the pain symptoms but it is not ideal for bike handling and is often not necessary if you can select the right saddle. Selecting the right saddle that allows the pelvis to be supported and rolled forward will allow a much better spinal position and minimise or eliminate most back complaint issues. We have a large number of saddles that we use during a bike fit to ensure that we select the most appropriate option for your comfort. We carry multiple brands including Selle SMP, Selle Italia, Cobb Cycling and ISM. During a retul bike fit, we will trial all appropriate saddles during our bike fit procedure to ensure that you get the most comfortable saddle that allows you to be supported and alleviate any back discomfort. If you would like to find out more about our retul bike fitting services, please contact us

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