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Hip Flexibility & Cycling Efficiency

Why having good hip flexibility can improve your cycling efficiency

Ever wondered how you can improve the efficiency of your pedal stroke without spending extra time on the bike? The answer to this may not be what you are doing on the bike, but what you can do off it.

As a result of most of us working at a desk and then spending time on a bike, the front of our hip becomes closed off which alters the position of our pelvis changes. This causes the front of the hip to be closed off and as a result, alters the movement pattern of your pedal stroke.

So how do I address this?

The implementation of regular strength & mobility training can help improve the efficiency of your pedal stroke by allowing your hip joint to move as it was designed to do.  Regular strength & mobility training has been shown to improve hip range of motion while also improving the strength of certain muscles. Muscles that allow the head of the femur to sit naturally within the hip joint while also unloading muscles that may be overactive during your pedal stroke.

Here are some examples of hip mobility exercises to help improve range of motion to aid in improving the efficiency of your pedal stroke

For more information on how you can implement regular strength & mobility training into your program, please see Adam Luther, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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