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Starting out in Triathlon or Interested in doing a Triathlon?

So you have seen this thing called triathlon and thought you’d like to try it!

Or you just want to get fitter

Or to challenge yourself with something different

Maybe it is the challenge of combining a swim, bike and run at once which you are attracted to

Or maybe it’s many of these, just one of them or you have your own personal reasons.

Starting out in triathlon can seem a daunting task but it isn’t.  With some basic training and good guidance, anyone can enter and finish a triathlon.

Top tips for beginners in triathlon:

  1. You don’t need all the fancy gear just the sense of a challenge
  2. Find a coach who understands your goals and to help guide and support you
  3. Find a training squad where you can get feedback with your technique for swimming, cycling and running to become more efficient and reduce the risk of injury
  4. Get a bike fit to find a comfortable and more efficient bike position for you
  5. Recovery is as important as training

The Enticer or Sprint distances are excellent distances for a first race and many events have races of different distances to accommodate people at all different levels within the sport.  That is another great thing about the sport, there are always new challenges and distances to think of

We can help you starting out in triathlon, so start now!

For further information on Onebody’s Online triathlon coaching and the Onebody Triathlon Training Squad please email info@onebody.com.au, use our contact form, or phone our training studio on +61 2 8677 5605

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