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Custom Bike Build – Cervelo PX

This Cervelo PX was custom built to provide the ultimate competitive advantage, outfitted with the most advantageous equipment a triathlete’s bike can be adorned with. This frame is an upgrade over a Cervelo P-Series frame, as well as some of the other componentry.

Second, to the frame, a key feature of this upgrade is swapping out the already fast Zipp 808s, for better handling and all-around faster Zipp 858s, in a disc brake option using an SRAM XDR driver. These wheels provide greater stability than the 808s that they replace, due to the sawtooth-blading of the rim, part of what makes them attract so much attention. An additional advantage of the sawtooth design of the rim profile is that the 858s are lighter than a normal 80mm deep wheel.

This bike is filled with creature comforts for the 180km bike leg it has to cover on race day, such as the integrated storage that Cervelo place where the downtube would normally exist, intended for storing spares, as well as the bento box on the top tube, providing a gradual transition between the bars and the frame, while also giving nutrition storage options.

Additionally, the bike is outfitted on Continental’s GP5000 in a tubeless configuration, maximising rolling resistance, puncture protection and comfort. The Cervelo PX is a disc brake frame, meaning that greater control is provided by two 160mm rotors from SRAM’s HRD system.

The SRAM Force groupset that the Cervelo PX is equipped with comes from the original bike, however, has been upgraded by way of a full CeramicSpeed, specifically the bottom bracket and the oversized pulley wheel system. These upgrades are the most economic on this bike, as while moving to the SRAM Red platform would provide an approximate weight saving of 300g, for a time trial bike this is irrelevant.

The SRAM AXS platform is ideal for time trial bikes, as it allows the rider full control over both the front and rear derailleurs through two buttons, this is the beauty of SRAM’s Etap shifting system, left for easier, right for harder, both for the front derailleur. Being an electronic groupset, base bar shifting is also featured, which when paired with disc brakes provides the most control available on a TT bike.

Cervelo’s frames are best suited to taller riders, a factor that played into the purchasing decisions for this rider with this PX, as well as the original P Series, as they better accommodate a longer torso through an extended top tube. Similarly, a decision-based in biomechanics to keep the base bars in the raised position, as this would give the rider the most comfort and control when racing, without sacrificing any significant time, as most of the riders time is spent in the aero-extensions.

The cockpit is a coupling of the Profile Design 35c extensions and Cervelo’s PX basebar. The basebar has sufficient grip tape to ensure that handling is not a detriment. Using a carbon extension over an aluminium one (such as Profile Design’s 35a extension) means that there is a small weight saving, but more importantly, greater vibration is used, especially important on a beam bike like the Cervelo PX, as the downtube must be stiff enough to transmit power without a seat tube, hence it also transmits road vibrations. If road vibrations still prove to be an issue, Culprit arm cups could be fitted to add further comfort.

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