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Custom Bike Build – Cervelo P3X

This Cervelo P3X is a bike built for long-course racers, hence it can be the ideal bike for athletes looking to go as fast as possible over the 180km of an Ironman bike leg. Equipped with componentry that will help the rider to maximise their efforts.

The bike rolls on the best Zipps available, the 858 NSW Disc, using the axial clutch hub to decrease rolling resistance. The sawtooth pattern offers the best aerodynamics while also reducing the weight over a normal 808 wheel.

Disc brakes provide the ultimate stopping power in any condition, especially when paired with a 28mm Continental GP5000 TL, ensuring that substantial grip is always available.

The choice of the groupset is a mixture of Shimano Di2 componentry from the Ultegra and Dura-Ace levels, allowing for the best weight that meets the budget. Dura-Ace chainrings and cranks are chosen as they allow for the Shimano’s power metre to be used.

This rider is quite tall, hence a frame that can accommodate the longer than average torso is necessary, Cervelo’s racing models are exceptional for this, hence why the P3X was chosen. The cranks are also 172.5mm, over the 175mm that this model would normally be equipped with, ensuring that the rider can keep their hip angle open, improving the run performance.

Culprit CSR arm pads are used as they provide comfort to the 180km length of the bike leg within a race, helping the athlete to go faster as they can spend more of their time comfortably in the aero position.

The bike is finished with SupaCaz bar tape and a JCOBB saddle, both our standards for comfort on a TT bike.

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