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Custom Build – Parlee Z Zero Custom Geometry – Blue & Orange

This was a special bike built completely from scratch that had to be unique and meet the specific performance demands of the rider. This Parlee Z-Zero bike features a complete custom geometry and custom paint job from Parlee and was designed to go fast in a sprint. Parlee built frame with the geometry that was made to suit a specific rider, longer and lower than most standard bikes on the market, designed for the end of race sprint. Did we mention this bike needed to be light? Nearly every componentry part on this Parlee Z-Zero is carbon including the saddle from Selle SMP. 

Parlee Z Zero frame was chosen as it allows for the geometry to be customised to the preference of the rider, hence, in this case, a frame that would benefit a sprinter was chosen. Specifically, the frame was built to be longer and lower, helping to maximise aerodynamics for the rider when they’re sprinting, as well as providing the space for the rider to go full gas on the pedals.

The custom frame was fitted with the latest SRAM Red AXS 12 speed groupset, equipped with 165mm cranks as they provided a number of useful benefits for a sprinter. These include the ability to pedal through more corners, without the pedal hitting the ground. They also provide more space between the knee and chest, as well as preventing toe overlap with the front wheel.

Featuring Zipp 303 NSW front and rear for any and every racecourse, they are a simple wheel that finds an optimal balance between weight and aerodynamics, ideal for the frequent accelerations of racing.

A full carbon Zipp cockpit helps to minimise the bike’s weight while also allowing the rider to find their optimal positions, and continue the trend of long and low positioning on this bike. Achieved with a Zipp Sprint stem, ensuring that none of the power pushed in the sprint to the line is lost, as well as Zipp SL 80 Carbon bars. The other contact point, a Selle SMP Full Carbon saddle, was also used as it suited the rider and reduced weight.
The finishing touches include Supacaz bar tape and carbon bottle cages, both in an orange that accents the frame. Vittoria Corsa G2.0 tyres were also used to ensure high amounts of grip for all corners of a race.

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