Camps & Clinics.

We offer a number of camps, clinics and skills sessions throughout the year to help people with the training, skill development and education. The clinics, camps and skills sessions are available to our members as well as anyone who would like to participate. If you have any questions about any of our skills clinics or details of when our next clinics will be running, check the details below or contact us directly for more information

Victorian Alps Summer Camp.

Our triathlon & cycling training camp is held in the Victorian Alps over the summer holiday period. The camp caters to both triathletes and cyclists of intermediate to advanced levels. The camp is held over 8 days and 7 nights starting on the 27th of December and ending on the 3rd of January.


Camp Includes .

  • Accommodation
  • Chef’s providing lunches and dinners
  • Experienced coaches providing training and skills sessions
  • Experienced coaches and support riders to help you during the rides and provide feedback
  • Support vehicles on rides to carry equipment, nutrition & drinks
  • Cycling through the Victorian Alps
  • Riding all the major climbs of the 3 Peaks and Alpine Classic cycling tours
  • Trail running and run technique sessions
  • Freestyle stroke correction
  • Bicycle Mechanic
  • Massage Therapist
  • Skills sessions for climbing and descending
  • Skills sessions for basic bike handling
  • Advanced skills with professional cyclist
  • Flexibility & active recovery sessions
  • Post ride recovery in the icy waters of the local rivers
  • Education seminars on training principles
  • Open water and pool swimming

Our summer camp caters for intermediate to advanced level athletes with goals such as:

  • Increasing strength endurance
  • Building a solid aerobic base
  • Educating themselves on training principles
  • Increasing skills, ability and technique

Our goal on each training camp is to provide athletes with a professional training experience so that they can focus entirely on training, recovery and relaxation. If you have any questions please contact us.

Camps & Skills Clinics.

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Freestyle Stroke Correction Clinic.

Our freestyle stroke correction clinic teaches swimmers of all levels about the fundamentals of their swimming stroke and how to improve their speed and efficiency while reducing their effort level.

The popular freestyle correction clinic has been running for over 10 years and has been attended by countless triathletes and swimmers of all abilities who want to improve.

The clinic is held over 5 consecutive weeks and session content includes:

    • Learning to reduce drag and frontal surface area while swimming
    • Learning how to improve your range of motion and flexibility to improve your swimming biomechanics
    • Learning how to activate and utilise the major muscle groups for swimming
    • Learning how to develop balance in the water and reduce the drag created by your torso, legs and feet
    • Learning how to maximise your catch to improve your propulsion through the water
    • Freestyle specific swimming drills that teach you how to reduce your drag in the water
    • Freestyle specific swimming drills that teach you how to improve your catch / pull and propulsion
    • Learning the fundamentals on kicking and how you can improve your kick using exercises out of the water and swimming drills in the water
    • Open water swimming techniques and tips for triathlon

What to Bring .

  • Flippers (essential)
  • Frontal Snorkel (essential)
  • Kickboard
  • Pullbuoy

To book into our next stroke correction clinic, check the dates below and book online or contact us directly to enrol

Stroke Correction Clinic.

School Holiday Junior Triathlon Clinic .

Our Junior Triathlon clinics are designed to help your child experience the sport of triathlon through a professionally designed 1 day clinic that provides a fun, active and rewarding environment! Your child does not have to have previous triathlon experience as our program is designed to cater for the needs of first timers right through to dedicated junior triathletes.

We encourage your child to have fun and become more confident in the pool, on their bike and while they run.

All activities will be conducted in a safe and fun environment with the focus on teaching and improving your child’s confidence and ability in all three disciplines of Triathlon.

We have multiple coaches on hand to ensure we can help each child throughout each session.

Activities include:

  • A focus on freestyle and open water swimming techniques such as drafting, turning and sighting.
  • Bike Skills such as using gears, braking, general bike safety.
  • Run skills such as ideal technique and posture together with a focus on learning to understand pacing the run during a race.

We also focus on teaching specific Triathlon skills such as:

  • How to organise their transition area effectively – tips and traps.
  • Ways to mount and dismount their bikes faster and efficiently an feel like a pro!

We design our program to include lots of fun games to let the kids practice, fine tune and reinforce their skills without them even noticing!

Cost and Registration?

Please refer to the booking form below for cost, dates and times of our next clinic. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Frequently asked Questions .

There is no specific age requirement although we design our clinics with children aged 8 – 18 years in mind. If your child is outside of this age range yet you feel they would benefit from the clinic, please contact us.

We teach the kids lots of new skills, but to get the most out of the clinic we recommend that your child should be able to do the following:

  • Ride their bike in a straight line without training wheels or assistance.
  • Run 100 metres continuously.
  • Swim at least 25 meters freestyle continuously and be comfortable being in close proximity with other swimmers.

BUT in all these recommendations, speed isn’t a factor!

All of our coaches have current First Aid certificates and working with children checks.

Each clinic will have a least one if not more coaches whom are accredited coaches with Triathlon Australia.

If you have any concerns or things that need to be catered for, please contact us prior to booking to speak about how we may be able to help.

  • Any style of bike in safe working condition + spare tube.
  • Helmet.
  • Bike shoes (if applicable).
  • Runners.
  • Swimming costumes.
  • Swimming goggles.
  • Towel.
  • Sun Screen.
  • Lunch.
  • Snacks (fruit will be provided).
  • Water bottle.

All participants will be required to complete a health and indemnity form prior to participating.

Run Technique Clinic.

You can learn to run faster and easier by improving your efficiency and the biomechanics of your running stride. Our clinic will improve your understanding of the fundamentals behind running efficiently as well as identifying key areas of strength and flexibility that you can improve.

During the clinic, you will learn

  • The basics of running biomechanics
  • Running technique drills that will help you improve
  • How and where to improve your mobility & flexibility to run smoother
  • How and where to improve your strength and core stability to improve your biomechanics
  • Training tips to optimise your run training methods and encourage better running technique for the long term
  • Racing tips to maintain better running technique to improve your race performances

What to Bring: Comfortable running clothing

Suitable for: All levels from beginner to advanced

Bike Maintenance Includes

Our bike maintenance clinics are designed to help you learn how to maintain and your own bike and how to keep your bike in good working condition between services.

During the clinic, we will cover:

  • What tools and spares to carry out on the road
  • Pre ride safety check.
  • Removing/installing wheels efficiently and correctly
  • Brake calliper setup/adjustment
  • Bike transport
  • Puncture repair using CO2 or pump
  • Cleaning your bike
  • Drive train maintenance

We want you to learn how to improve your mechanic skills on your own bike with your own equipment (if you have it!). We will have spare tools available to learn with if you do not own the basics.

What to Bring:

  • Your bike
  • Allen keys or a multi tool
  • Spare tube/s
  • Tyre levers
  • Co2 inflator and/or frame pump

Suitable for: All levels from beginner to intermediate

Open Water Swim Skills Clinic.

Our open water swim skills clinic is designed to give people the skills and confidence to swim successfully in open water events such as Triathlons. We cover everything from the basics to more advanced swimming tactics within our clinics.

  • How to navigate and sight in an open water swim course
  • How to turn around open water buoys
  • How to successfully negotiate a mass swim start and where to place yourself in a large swim field
  • How to draft off competitors and how to create an advantage in open water swim events
  • Tactics for open water swimming for beginners as well as advanced swimmers
  • Tips and tricks for successful open water racing

Basic Bike Handling & Bunch Riding Skills Clinic.

Onebody conduct basic bike skills and bunch riding skills clinics. The focus of the 90 min clinic is giving confidence, education and skills to beginner and intermediate cyclists.
The clinic typically include:
  • Basic bike handling skills including cornering, gear selection and braking
  • Bunch riding skills and etiquette to learn how to ride safely and confidently in a bunch
  • Gaining confidence riding next to other riders and handle your bike in a bunch
Our bike skills clinics are held in a safe, friendly and supportive environment with experienced coaches and all abilities are welcome.
If you are a club or training group and want us to help train riders and ride leaders, please contact us to arrange clinics to suit your groups.

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