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Online Triathlon Coaching.

Onebody is Australia’s fastest growing Triathlon Squad. We provide both in person and online triathlon coaching to hundreds of athletes that are both new to the sport, or looking to improve through an event specific training program.

We have successfully coached athletes remotely for Ironman, Ironman 70.3 and other events, including athletes in other States and regional areas of Australia as well as overseas.

Our event specific online coaching programs includes:

  • A structured training program, specific to your event with 2 levels to choose from (Beginner and Intermediate, you can change at any time), delivered through a Premium Training Peaks account that syncs with your smart devices
  • Easy to follow sessions that you can access from anywhere that download to your smart devices to make tracking training even easier
  • Support from a team of professionals including accredited Triathlon Coaches, Cycling Coach, and a Nutritionist
  • Multiple weekly videos on everything from setting up training zones, swimming technique, nutrition advice, mobility exercises, tips on open water swimming and even how to approach race day
  • Access to our Facebook learning group where you’ll get weekly educational videos, be able to connect with your coaches, and other members of your team competing in the same event
  • Access to live weekly Pilates and strength sessions that you can do at home and connect with your training partners
  • Access to regular live Facebook chats to ask the coaches questions and chat with your training partners

If you are in the greater Sydney area and would like to avail of our expert triathlon coaches face to face, you can check out our Triathlon Coaching Sydney page

Onebody provides a professional, motivating and supportive online platform for you to improve at every discipline.

Meet the Onebody Triathlon Coaches.

Daniel Bain.

Nadene Moore.

Why join our squad?

Our team of Triathlon Coaches and Nutritionist will not only create an training plan individualised for your event, but most importantly provide motivation and accountability for your triathlon training. 

A good coaching team will provide regular feedback, education, and identify areas to improve to become a better, more technically efficient athlete.

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Upcoming Triathlons.

Depending on the type of event and athlete fitness level and base, we generally work with a 10-16 week time frame to help an athlete prepare for an event.  This provides time to establish a training schedule and format best suited to the athlete, incorporate specific sessions aimed at focusing on areas of development in technique and performance (and time to see results)  and specifically prepare for a race with race specific sessions.


Hills Duathlon

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

IRONMAN / 70.3

Ironman Australia Port Macquarie

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds


Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

The Coaching Program .

Event Specific Training Plans are delivered via a premium Training Peaks account.

Every event is unique and has differing goals, the best online triathlon coaching is a training program specifically tailored to that specific event.  Athletes have the ability to add comments on their sessions and record their thoughts and nutrition directly into Training Peaks for their Triathlon Coaches to provide feedback.

Event Specific, Integration, & Accountability.

Incorporated into the customised training programs are:

  • Daily sessions tailored to the event
  • Individualised Heart Rate training and racing zones
  • Individualised Power Meter training and racing zones
  • Downloadable Windtrainer bike sessions and run training sessions for TrainerRoadZwiftPerfPro and Garmin Wahoo Devices
  • Planning and scheduling of events such as Elite Energy and Hills Triathlon Series.

All of our coached athletes are in regular contact with their Triathlon Coaches and other squad members via the Facebook Group.

Feedback on training sessions and technique is important to help each athlete develop. Face to face sessions are also available at our Sydney Triathlon Training Centre in Castle Hill, Sydney.

Want Personalised Coaching?

If you want a more personalised training plan, we also have private coaching available. 

Here’ you’ll get personalised plans as well as have your training and races analysed by our coaches.  Watch the video below to see just how in depth our personalised coaching can get.  Then book in your first free consult to get started!

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Race Day and Strategy.

A good Triathlon Coach whether an Online Triathlon Coach or with face to face contact will also prepare and discuss race events and a race day strategy with you.

Important factors preparing for a race include:

  • Optimal Power ranges for a strong bike and run off the bike
  • Run pacing guidelines
  • Heart rate and lactate threshold zones
  • Visualising and Mental preparation for the race
  • Understanding the course and breaking it down into smaller segments
  • Nutrition plan especially for long course racing
  • Taper and race week logistics and what to expect
  • Understanding and developing a plan for things that potential can go wrong

Triathlon tips.

A Triathlon coach also assists with Triathlon tips to help you improve such as:

  • Swim, bike and run technique and improving efficiency
  • Quicker transitions
  • Racing gear and equipment
  • Nutrition strategy for races
  • Strength and Mobility training
  • Planning a racing schedule

Technique Assessment for Online Triathlon Coaching.

Online Triathlon Coached Athletes have the ability to upload video files of their swim, bike and run to enable their Triathlon Coach to assess their technique and provide feedback.

Identifying areas to develop to become more efficient and prescribing the relevant drills to practise help athletes to improve.

Additionally local athletes or Online Coached athletes can book private one-on-one technical sessions for swim stroke correction, bike skills, run technique assessment and Strength & Mobility Training.

Triathlon Coaching Case Studies.

Beginner Triathlete, new to Swimming, Riding and Running looking to enter and complete a 70.3 race

Athlete background and experience: no previous swim, bike or run experience.

Training Program: initially based on establishing an achievable training schedule with a strong focus on swim technique to get comfortable swimming and swim continuously.

Process: build the training volume gradually, consistency with the swim, bike and run sessions and planning some shorter races as a first step into Triathlons.  A half marathon and some open water swims were incorporated to provide training motivation and confidence in ability, before sitting down and understanding the 70.3 and the race dynamics.

Race result: Finished 2 x Sprint triathlons, a club distance triathlon, then the goal 70.3 event, learning with each step along the journey.  Now looking at an Ironman event after establishing a good 70.3 training and racing base.

Experienced Triathlete looking to improve.

Athlete background and experience: Primarily racing long course and 70.3 Triathlons for 5 years, looking to improve, especially running off the bike.

Training Program: Tailored a time efficient training program incorporating family and, running a business with key components developing efficient cycling technique and better running off the bike.

Process: through focusing on power and cadence on the bike and analysing data to provide continual feedback, cadence improved to produce a smoother and more even power profile on the bike leg.

Improved run technique and lactate threshold development resulted in a quicker pace off the bike.

Race result: Faster finish time by 18min, with an improvement in cycling cadence and smoother power resulting in a best performance running off the bike for a 70.3 event by a large margin.

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