Retul Bike Fit – What to Bring.

What to Bring to Your Retul fit

Here’s what to do and bring with you on the day of your retul bike fit. 

  1. Your bike(s)
  2. Your cycling shoes (you can bring more than one set if needed)
  3. Wear your cycling kit or you can get changed here. Firm cycling knicks / bib & brace are essential for accurate marker placement. 
  4. Any parts that are specific to your bike (eg aero spacers, bolts etc). These parts are commonly in a box provided when you purchased the bike.
  5. Any reports or notes from a health professional (if relevant)
  6. Please DO NOT moisturise your legs or use sunscreen on the day of your fit (it makes the biomechanical markers difficult to stick)
  7. Please DO NOT ride in as sweat will prevent biomechanical markers from sticking. 
  8. You are welcome to bring any spare parts that you think we may need to use (previous saddles, stems etc)

Bike Fit Location

  • Onebody

    Unit 6, 10 Hudson Avenue
    Castle Hill NSW 2154

  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions prior to your bike fit , feel free to contact us at any time via phone or email.
    02 8677 5605

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