Western Sydney 70.3 Information Night

Join us for our
FREE Western Sydney 70.3 Info Night

First time doing a Ironman or 70.3 Event?
Do you want some expert tips and guidance for race day?

Come and join us for a FREE session to help you prepare for the upcoming Western Sydney 70.3
On Monday 17th June, we will be providing a free webinar on how to train for Western Sydney 70.3. The presentation is ideal for people racing a half Ironman event for the first time or for seasoned triathletes who want tips on how to improve their training and their race day performance. 
The session is available for streaming via the web.

During the session, we will cover:

  • Training Plan Overview – what does the training look like.
  • Baseline targets you should aim for before you start building towards a Half Ironman 
  • Understanding Training Zones  
  • How to use Training Zones to Train effectively for endurance events
  • How to Build Endurance
  • Nutrition & Hydration (both in training and on race day)
  • How to reduce injuries
  • How to prepare mentally for the event
  • Transition Tips
  • Equipment Tips
  • Western Sydney 70.3 specific race tips


We will also have an open discussion to cover any questions that people may have so please being all your questions with you

Time & Location

  • When

    Monday June 17th @ 7pm

  • Where

    ONLINE via Google Meets video link (will be emailed after registration

  • Suitable for

    Beginners and intermediates who want to learn more about how to best approach an Ironman or 70.3 Event

  • Cost