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Onebody is the leading Triathlon squad in Australia, that takes on both seasoned athletes and complete beginners.

Our training facilities and professional coaching team provide the ideal training environment to support triathletes regardless of whether you’re new to the sport or experienced.

We have multiple sessions every day so that our members can develop their own training structure that suits their needs.

All sessions provide multiple coaches so that we can provide training sessions and skill development sessions that are appropriate for you. Our triathlon training squad is based in Castle Hill and the surrounding suburbs of the Hills district in Sydney.

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Swim Squad

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Strength & Mobility

Not in Sydney? We Coach Triathlon Online!.

Personalised Training Plans are delivered via a premium Training Peaks account.  Every athlete is unique and has differing goals, the best online triathlon coaching is a training program specifically tailored to your needs.  Athletes have the ability to add comments on their sessions and record their thoughts and nutrition directly into Training Peaks for their Triathlon Coach to provide feedback.

Incorporated into the customised training programs are:

  • Daily sessions tailored to the individual athlete
  • Individualised Heart Rate training and racing zones
  • Individualised Power Meter training and racing zones
  • Downloadable Windtrainer bike sessions and run training sessions for TrainerRoadZwiftPerfPro and Garmin Wahoo Devices
  • Planning and scheduling of events such as Elite Energy and Hills Triathlon Series.

We’ll Take You From Novice to Confident Triathlete.

Over the years we have helped many women get started in fitness and triathlon, many starting out just coming along to events to spectate or joining our Strength and Mobility sessions with fellow family members. From there we have seen women of all ages go from barely being able to swim or ride a bike through to completing their first short distance triathlon and onwards to completing full and half distance Ironmans. We even have mother daughter teams who train and race together as a team

Unlock Unlimited Sessions For $10

New here? Grab your $10 pass to gain access to all of our regular sessions for 14 days.

Swim Squads.

Onebody Swim Squads cater for all swimming abilities from beginners to elite and are focused on freestyle and triathlon specific training. The swim squads are run every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and feature a high focus on freestyle technique, efficiency and stroke correction. The sessions are operated indoors within the modern indoor heated pool at the Aquatic Safety Training Academy in Seven Hills. What to expect

  • A high focus on freestyle technique to help you improve
  • Multiple coaches and multiple swim sets to suit your ability
  • Swimming with people of a similar swim ability to maximise your training quality

Have a look at the swim squads page for more details.

Indoor Power Cycle .

Our indoor cycling sessions provide allow our members to to use their own bike and our state of the art power based indoor cycling system for the most specific training option available. We use a multirider system of computrainers combined with the latest software to provide you with power based resistance at the optimal level to improve your performance. We provide multiple sessions on most mornings and evenings of the week. When it rains – we provide even more so our members never miss their training!

What to expect:

  • A training session that delivers power based intervals that matches your power profile and ability level
  • Your data displayed on the screen in real time including power, cadence, HR and advanced power metrics
  • Large HD screens and the latest in cycling / triathlon & sports entertainment to watch during sessions

Have a look at the power cycle page for more details

Brick Session.

A brick session is a triathlon training session where you alternate between cycling and running. It’s a particularly effective method of training, because it prepares your body for the specific race-day rigours of a triathlon. Brick sessions are run every Sunday morning at Parramatta Park. Sessions focus on:

  • Increasing cycling speed, endurance and efficiency
  • Increasing running speed, endurance and efficiency
  • Practicing bike to run transitions for triathletes

Our Sunday brick sessions have multiple coaches and this allow us to run skill sessions during the year to help our athletes improve their skills and knowledge in cycling, running and triathlon in general.

Strength Session.

We understand that maintaining sound fundamental movement patterns are the basis for injury prevention and sporting performance. We run multiple strength and mobility classes each week to compliment the training that our members do in swim / bike / run. What to expect:

  • Guided mobility exercises to improve your functional range of motion
  • Guided strength and stability exercises to improve your sports specific strength and prevent your chance of injury
  • Learning which exercises improve your movement patterns that you can do at home
  • A supportive environment that encourages improvement for all abilities.

Unlock Unlimited Sessions For $10

New here? Grab your $10 pass to gain access to all of our regular sessions for 14 days.

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