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Bont Vaypor S

Bont Vaypor S

The Bont Vaypor S is a carbon-soled road riding shoe, improving upon the original Vaypor +. The Vaypor S features 2 BOA dials, allowing for the front and mid-to-rear of the shoe to be tightened separately. Bont Cycling Shoes use an anatomic fit, with the ability to carbon mould the shoe for a wider foot. The cycling shoes are designed around how a foot should best sit biomechanically while on a bike, which is a position different to how the foot is when walking or running. A Durolite upper is used, as it gives high strength-weight ratio while providing good durability and ventilation to the shoe. The carbon sole of the shoe is laid unidirectional, giving it a high strength-weight ratio, while also using a textured grip to allow for accurate cleat placement. The shoe uses the 3 hole mounting system, making it compatible with all major road cleats. The use of a dual retention system means that the foot can be locked in the ideal position to transfer power, hence this shoe is often favoured by sprinters, pulling the foot into the heel cup. An anti-stretch layer made of a material similar to kevlar lines between the upper and inner, stopping the shoe from stretching and causing power loss during the pull-up phase of the pedal stroke. The shoe uses replaceable toe and heel protection, with the toe redesigned to promote airflow while the heel improves grip. These help to make your Bont cycling shoes last longer, continuing to provide superb ride quality. Similarly, perforations along the forefoot, the tongue and the arch of the foot promote airflow, making this shoe ideal for long rides on sunny days. The Bont Vaypor S is available in six colourways, all providing the rider with the ability to go further, for longer, more comfortably.

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