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Culprit CSR Arm Pad


Culprit CSR Arm Pads

The Culprit Carbon Speed Rests are ideal for anyone who spends multiple hours in the time trial position, as they spread the pressure along the forearm, rather than centralising it above the elbows. The CSR pads consist of a 5mm thick carbon base and a padding layer, giving a combined weight of 314g. Compatible with all major aero bar brands, these pads improve the comfort of the aero position. This helps the rider to stay in the aero position, helping you to ride further, faster and longer. The Culprit CSR pads themselves can be cut to fit smaller riders, by trimming both the cup and the pad along designated cut lines 10mm apart. This allows the normally 210mm pads to be trimmed all the way down to 150mm in length. To mount the CSR arm pads, only two bolts are needed to mount them, allowing for a huge range of adjustability. As shown in the image below, allow every rider to find the most comfortable position for them.

Note the huge range of positions available using the array of mounting holes

The Culprit CSR Armpads come with the necessary mounting kit and is compatible with all major aero bar manufacturers.

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