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Selle SMP – T2



Selle SMP – T2

The Selle SMP T2 saddle is part of the Selle SMP Triathlon and time trial range of saddles designed specifically for the triathletes and time trialling. The Selle SMP T2 saddle features a large cut out feature to relieve pressure from the perenium while the padded nose enables a maximum forward position of the athlete on the saddle. Tips from our Retul bike fitter: The Selle SMP T2 is a wider saddle that is suitable for cyclists with a wider pelvis such as females or cyclists that need a soft wide area of support for comfort reasons. It has worked very effectively as a triathlon / time trial saddle for female cyclists, for heavier / stocky males and anyone who has a preference for a wider soft saddle. It is primarily a saddle for triathlon / time trialling but the soft rails of the design also make it very effective for cyclists who use their road bike for both road cycling and time trialling. The Selle SMP T2 saddle design that includes relatively soft rails allow you to ride towards the nose of the saddle and roll the pelvis forward.This is the first time trial saddle that i would select during a retul bike fit for anyone with a wide pelvis The Selle SMP T2 saddle features a pressure relief area distributed along the whole length of the saddle, from the rear to the tip. Whatever the triathletes position, it prevents the compression of the delicate perineal structure, avoiding vein and capillary vessel occlusion and the chance of nerve injury. The support area is the result of in-depth ergonomic studies. It supports the cyclists weight precisely distributing it over the pelvic bones (ischial tuberosities) and buttocks. It protects the coccyx from bruises and shocks caused by the roughness of the terrain. The exclusive and patented “eagle beak” shape of the nose also enables to safely park the bike on the bike  parking tube frame at the transition area. The length of the saddle seat tube offers the widest adjustment range available on the market, giving every person the possibility to identify the perfect position for them in terms of saddle advancement towards the handlebars, typical of triathlon. The structure of the characteristic rear Selle SMP logo, with it’s peculiar reflecting properties, provide optimum support for the bike on the bike parking tube frame at the transition area, should the triathlete prefer to rear position rather than the front one. Suits people with medium-large pelvis. Weight: 375 g Measurements: 260 x 156 mm Padding: foamed elastomer Body: Nylon 12 reinforced with carbon fibre Covering: Black leather or microfiber Frame: AISI 304 stainless steel tube 7.1mm Recommended for sizes: M-L-XL

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