Best Bike Split Power Files & Race Estimates.

Achieve Peak Performance with Expert Race Predictions and Power Plans

We leverage cutting-edge technology from Best Bike Split in our race plans to to help you reach your full potential on race day. We can provide comprehensive race estimates and power-optimized files, ensuring you have the strategic edge needed to perform. Here’s what you can expect from our race estimate and optimised power file service:

1.  Personalized Race Predictions

  • Accurate Race Times: Receive precise race time estimates based on your individual power profile, course details, and environmental conditions.
  • Performance Insights: Links to analyse pages so that you can how various factors like weight and power output will affect your race time. 


2.  Power Optimized Race Files

  • Downloadable Power Plans: Get a tailored erg based power plan that you can use on your smart trainer and smart devices so that you ride the power optimised race plan before the race.

How It Works


Step 1: Data Collection

  • Athlete Profile: We gather your key metrics, including FTP (Functional Threshold Power), weight, and bike specifications.
  • Course Analysis: Send us the race you are doing and we will collect the GPS details of the course to prepare your analysis as accurately as possible. 


Step 2: Best Bike Split Analysis

  • Modeling and Simulation: Using Best Bike Split’s advanced algorithms, we will create the ideal race power targets for you to perform using the predicted weather conditions 
  • Optimization: We will optimize your power output for the entire race, finding the ideal normalized power target for you to perform based on your goals. 


Step 3: Data Estimates and Downloadable Files

  • Full Data Analysis: Receive a link to a complete data analysis of your race including adjustable sliders to modify your result and see how factors such as weight and power output affect predicted race times. 
  • Power File Creation: Receive a link to downloadable erg power file compatible with all the regular smart devices and TrainingPeaks. You can use this file to ride the optimal course at home on your indoor trainer. 
  • Simple Race Day Power Targets: Comprehensive race day power target guide to follow based on the gradient of each part of the course. 

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