Bike Fit Follow Up.

Thanks for spending the time to have a bike fit with us.

Below are our recommendations for your first few rides as well as links to future options to help improve your bike fit and cycling.

1. Your body will require time to adjust to the new position. To minimize injury, please ensure that you limit the duration and intensity of your riding in the first few months post fit. This will allow your musculoskeletal system to adapt without placing unnecessary strain on your body.
2. The bike may handle differently so be cautious with speed, corners and descends until you adapt to the new position.
Wear your best quality bib and brace or cycling knicks to protect you pressure in new places. If its a new saddle, it may take a few rides to get used to the set up
4. Work on improving your range of motion with our 
complimentary mobility program to minimise any restriction in your movements. 

Future Recommendations

If you want to choose a new bike from scratch and find the ideal frame geometry and components.

If you have multiple bikes and you want to match them all up to have the same position

If you are comfortable with your bike fit position and want to generate a report on all the bikes and components that match this position

 If you have a specific bike that you want to purchase and want us to check it fits and select the correct components such as stem lengths, spacers & seatposts

Build your dream bike by starting with the ideal biomechanics and then selecting the ideal frame and components to build the perfect bicycle.

Our bike service workshop in Castle Hill provides services from basic tune ups to full custom builds from our professional bike mechanic.

Custom moulded cycling inserts to improve the contact surface between your cycling shoes and feet for comfort and performance

Build the ultimate custom bicycle with a frame geometry components and carbon choices that is built perfectly for you.

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