Bont Heat Moulding.

How to Mould Your Bont Cycling Shoes.

One of the best features of Bont Cycling shoes is the ability to adjust and heat mould the shape to improve the fit and comfort of the shoe. 

Bont heat moulding is available as a service using our specific low temperature oven and it is recommend for people that need to adjust the shape of their cycling shoes for comfort. 

The main reasons why you may need to mould your Bont cycling shoes include:

  • Increasing toe box width
  • Moulding a specific area way from a prominent toe or bunion
  • Moulding one shoe larger if your feet are two different sizes

Book Your Moulding.

Bont heat moulding generally requires a 60 min appointment time.

We always recommend you use Retul Futbeds within all Bont Cycling shoes to maximise your arch support and power output and use heat moulding where required to maximise your comfort.