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Covid Update 09.09.2021 .

It looks like lockdown is going to be for a little while longer. We have moved as much as we can into a virtual format until we can reopen.
All our members have access to:
  • Training Peaks training plans. Simply connect your free trainingpeaks account to ours by following this link (https://home.trainingpeaks.com/attachtocoach?sharedKey=SHIKZD4UWB5VK). All sessions are easy to follow and will even connect and control to any smart devices you have.
  • All our Pilates, strength, mobility & recovery sessions are available on our virtual platform. Simply sign into the session on the app and you will recieve an email 30mins before the session. It will open in any internet browser.
  • Zwift group rides every Tuesday and Thursday. Simply follow Onebody on Zwift and we can invite you to the group rides. Ed leads these sessions and will provide the ride structure to follow so that everyone can train together.
  • Virtual PT sessions for Strength, pilates or Rehab. You can now organise virtual sessions with Nadene to help you 1 on 1 from home.
If anyone has any suggestions for things they would like to see us do to help everyone stay connected during this lockdown period, please let us know. If you have friends or family that would like to join in any of the virtual content, they are more than welcome to join in at any time.
If anyone has any questions, simply contact us directly.
Stay Safe!
The onebody team