Functional Movement Screens.

Functional Movement Screens.

We listen to you and find out what the functional movement patterns and stability requirements are for your sport. We combine this with a musculoskeletel assessment to provide a video based Strength Training and Mobility exercise program that is unique to your needs. We identify key areas of weakness that may be leading to injury or reducing performance. All programs are supplied in an easily accessible online video format.



  • Detail
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • FMS Test
  • Mobility Program
  • Strength Program

FMS Test + Program

  • Full assessment + FMS Test. Mobility & Strength exercises filmed and made available online for viewing later.

FMS Reassessment

  • Full assessment + FMS Test. Mobility & Strength exercises filmed and made available online for viewing later.

FMS process steps .

Our first step to developing a strength and mobility program is to ask you about you, your history and the needs of your sport. Every person is different and each sport require various a unique level of strength and range of motion to perform at your best.

Step 2 is to run through a musculoskeletal assessment to determine your range of motion in various planes of movement that form the basis of your assessment.

Step 3 is to determine your level of stability and strength for the various parts of the body that need stabilising to maintain effective balance, minimise injury risk and maximise efficiency for performance. These key areas are:

  • core stability & core strength
  • hip stability & hip region strength
  • shoulder stability and shoulder strength
  • Foot stability and foot strength

Step 4 is to look at your ability to perform key movement patterns and assess your functional balance and functional range of motion. We film each of the key tests so that we have a reference for future improvement.

Step 5 is providing you with the appropriate exercises for strengthening, flexibility and mobility so that you can improve your weaknesses and strengthen the areas that are required to excel further in your sport. To ensure that you are able to follow your program, we make sure that we film you performing each exercise or provide you with a video from our library so that you have an easy reference for exactly how to perform the exercise. All of these exercises are provided in the form of a private web page that you can access at any time that suits you.

Want to book a session ?

Contact Us in the studio to arrange the best time to book your assessment. Please allow 90mins for an initial assessment, and 60mins for a reassessment.

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