Step by Step Guide to Get Started

Getting Started with Onebody.

Welcome to Onebody, below are the first steps to make full use of your membership

Step 1 – Setting up your training program.

The first step to setting up a training program is to to fill out this form. This information enables us to provide the best training program to you. 

We then choose the program that best suits your goals and ability. 

When choosing your “Training Program Level” in the questionnaire, use the below terms as a guide:

    • Advanced – Designed for people who regularly train twice a day and are used to higher training volumes. 
    • Intermediate – Designed for people who want to be competitive and regularly train 1-2 times per day. 
    • Essentials – Designed for people who want to train once a day on most days and want a time efficient program.

Once you have filled in the training form, we will contact you to discuss the best training plan for you and help you through the steps below to make best use of the training program

Step 2 – Set up your TrainingPeaks account.

Next, set up your Premium TrainingPeaks account. 

If you haven’t got an account yet, head over to TrainingPeaks and create an account.  It’s free to set up.

Once your account is set up, click the link below which will link your account with the Onebody coaching group. 

Once linked, we’ll be able to add your training program straight to your account.

Step 3 – Syncing your smart devices and third party accounts with TrainingPeaks.

Next, set up your Premium Training Peaks account.

Your smart devices (such as a Garmin watch) and training apps (such as Zwift), sync up with your TrainingPeaks account.

Watch the video to see how to connect your smart devices and third party accounts to TrainingPeaks.

Step 4 – Download our Phone app & book into our sessions.

Your membership will include access to either local sessions, virtual sessions or both.

The easiest way to book imto sessions is to download our phone app and book directly within the app


Step 5 – Like our social Media pages and Join the Facebook Group for content, updates, and news!

You can keep up to date with everything in our community on our social pages. Follow us on the the links below and join our facebook community group.

Step 6 – Using Zwift for the first time with a structured training session.

Once you’ve signed up on Zwift, you can do your first structured workout.

Open the app and then watch this video to link your devices and do your first structured training sessions.

Step 7 – Are you a local member? Request access to our our state-of-the-art recovery room!

Recovery after training sessions is just as important as the training session itself. We are committed to ensuring that our members can do both through our state-of-the art recovery room equipped with compression technology.

And, it’s now available for members to access 6am-9pm 7 days a week!

Do you have questions?
Email: info@onebody.com.au
Call: 02 8677 5605