What to Expect with Onebody Coaching

Our local coaching and online triathlon coaching options for triathlon, cycling, and running include:

We Cater to all Athletes & Abilities

Beginner Triathletes

Whether you're looking for a new sport or have a background in running, swimming or cycling, we'll help you get started on your Triathlon journey.

Experienced Triathletes

We've coached hundreds of experienced and advanced aged group triathletes to better their performances.

Elite Triathletes

Our experienced and accredited coaches have coached elite triathletes as well as junior elite triathletes to reach their peak potential.

What to expect from your triathlon coach

As an athlete, you can expect your triathlon coach to deliver a training program and training structure that is designed to suit you as an individual and your goals. Our professional coaches will provide you with your daily training sessions and oversee your long term training development.  You can expect your coach to:

  • Prepare your individual session content tailored to your needs
  • Provide you with downloadable training files for your smart trainer (e.g. TrainerRoad) or watch (e.g. Garmin)
  • Provide feedback and analysis of key training sessions
  • Modify your training program when required
  • Analyse your swim / bike  / run videos and prescribe you drills and exercise from our video library to help your technique
  • Assist you to prepare race strategies
  • Analyse and discuss your results following races
  • Recommend and propose race nutrition schedules
  • Provide advice and help plan proposed race schedules for the season
  • Respond to your emails promptly (0-1 working days)
  • Provide basic advice on equipment and products
  • Refer you to recommended health professionals when required

Email Contact
Email is the easiest, quickest and most convenient way to communicate with your coach and it allows them to respond quickly to your questions. You can expect your coach to respond to emails within 0-1 working days. Email is the best way to communicate the majority of your questions and for your coach to provide feedback outside of regular training sessions.

Face to Face Contact
Our triathlon coaches are professionals who are available to chat to you in person about your training and racing. Our coaches are based at our training facility in Castle Hill. All you need to do is work out a convenient time and you can chat in person at our training centre. 

Phone Calls / Skype
Your coach will arrange a convenient time to catch up via a phone or video call to discuss your training program and discuss your training and racing progress. Calls are best arranged when preparing for major races and to discuss your training progress.

Training Program Modifications
Training programs are prepared once the coach understands the availability of the athlete during a training block. In general, your online training program will be written 2-4 weeks in advance and modifications are only required in the event of injury or illness.

What we expect from you

Our coaches put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that you have the best training programs to support you to reach your goals and potential. For us to provide you with the best coaching service, there are some basic expectations that we have from our athletes. We rely on regular feedback and progress updates from. To help your coach to monitor your training and provide you with feedback, please ensure that you regularly:

  • Provide your coach with the dates of the races you plan to enter and your availability and work / family commitments prior to their training program being prepared.
  • Email your coach if your training circumstances change (work hours, holidays, injuries etc)
  • Ask your coach if you do not understand any of the session content
  • Upload your training data to TrainingPeaks
  • Write brief training comments after each session in TrainingPeaks

Communication is the key to a good coaching relationship. We expect all our athletes to actively communicate with their coach regularly either in-person, or by phone and email. The best results are gained when both the coach and athlete work together with the athlete providing regular honest feedback.

Understanding You.

Your coach will arrange a time to contact you before preparing your training program to learn about you and your goals and to help them understand how they can help you to improve. Expect to have an initial and honest discussion with your coach that includes your:

  • Training background
  • Racing history
  • Overall racing and training goals
  • Major races and your goals at each race
  • Access to training venues (pools, gyms, running tracks, running trails etc)
  • Access to training equipment  (Stationary wind trainers, power meters, heart rate monitors etc)
  • Strengths in each discipline
  • Weaknesses in each discipline

From there, your coach will start to understand what you need to improve and begin planning an overall program structure to guide you towards your goals.

Understanding the athlete

Training Zones

Training effectively means that you need to understand when your coach wants you to train hard and when your coach wants you to go easy. Your coach will prepare and verify your training zones using several methods to ensure that we can prescribe effective and efficient training.

Depending on what data your coach has access to, they may ask you to perform some testing, or they may prepare your training zones off recent races or training sessions that can provide them with the data that they need, such as:

  • Recent races that indicate lactate threshold for bike or run
  • A Functional Threshold Test (FTP)
  • Recent time trials for swim, bike or or run that provide objective data for pace and / or heart rate
  • Testing protocols for running heart rate and pacing zones

Your training zones will then be set up for the equipment that you have access to

  • Cycle Power Zones
  • Cyce Heart Rate Zones
  • Run Heart Rate Zones
  • Run Paces
  • Aerobic Swim Zones

Once we have your training zones set up with your TrainingPeaks account, your coach will use this information prescribe an individualised, easy-to-follow training plan. As you improve and develop as an athlete, your training zones will be adjusted by your coach to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your training

Programs & Sessions.

All our training programs are delivered through a premium online training account with TrainingPeaks. Each program is individually prepared using your individualised training zones and structured around the events you are preparing for and your work, family and life commitments.  You can access, view, and update your training programs easily via smartphone or desktop, and can even view and analyse your own data within seconds of finishing a training session once data from your devices has been uploaded to your TrainingPeaks app.

Training Program Structure

Your training program will be planned around your races and goals in a format that is easy to follow and understand. Expect your training program to be populated with individual training sessions several weeks in advance so that you can view what your coach has planned for you. The format of our training programs allows you to access training information easily and provides your coach with the data that he needs to provide objective feedback

Individual Training Sessions

The content of each individual training session is descriptive and will outline:

  • Goals and purpose of the session
  • Training zones that you need to work in (Power, Heart Rate, Cadence or Specific Swim & Run Paces)
  • Training intervals and intensity levels
  • Any technical swimming, cycling or running drills that are part of the session

Downloadable Indoor Cycling Training Files

We provide downloadable indoor cycling session files that you can sync with your smart devices such as TrainerRoad, Zwift, PerfPro and Garmin & Wahoo devices. These files will appear in the attachment tab of your TrainingPeaks session plan. This is our preferred method for supplying training sessions for indoor cycling sessions.

Downloadable Run Training Files

For athletes with compatible Garmin devices, you can sync your Garmin Connect account to TrainingPeaks and your run training sessions will be available on your device. This enables you to go for a run and the watch will let you know exactly when the intervals start and stop, and the goal intensity for each work or rest interval.

Athlete Feedback

Through your TrainingPeaks account, you can provide your coach quick, brief feedback following your sessions. We encourage all our athletes to write simple comments following their sessions so that your coach can help monitor your progress. Your comments might indicate how you felt during the session or they may be used for your coach to understand your training file. For example – “Felt great, that last set was tough” or “Ran out of time and only completed 3 of the 4 sets”. The format of our training programs allows you to access training information easily and provides your coach with the data they to provide objective feedback

Technique Assessment & Video Feedback

We provide our athletes with continual technical and biomechanical feedback to improve form and efficiency. This regular feedback is available whether you are a local in-person athlete or online.

We can either watch you in person or review a video of you so that we can select ideal drills or exercises for you to do as part of your training program. This includes

These can be sent to you as direct links so you can access and watch them at any time. We can also include relevant drills in your training session content to review before the beginning of each session so that you can understand each drill implement them appropriately. The focus on technical improvements in your sessions will improve your biomechanical efficiency and lead to increased performance at racing.

Training File Analysis.

The quality of your training sessions is important to ensure that you are achieving the desired goal of each session. Many of your sessions will contain training intervals within specific zones and your coach will check these and provide you with feedback. To monitor your progress and provide you with feedback, your coach will analyse your files using your individualised training zones.

General Analysis.

Your coach will analyse the quality of your sessions through statistical analyses and provide you with feedback on how to improve the quality of your training session. This information will allow your coach to determine how well the session was performed, whether the desired goal of the session was achieved, and importantly, how to improve the quality of future sessions.

Indepth Analysis.

Your coach will go beyond basic analysis and analyse your training and racing files in-depth to  individual behaviour and identify key areas to improve the way you train and race. Feedback may include:

  • Improving power output when cycling on undulating terrain and hills
  • Improving gear selection when cycling and cornering
  • Improving cadence and minimising free wheeling
  • Minimising power spikes when time trialliing
  • Pacing appropriately on the bike to run well off the bike
  • Running at the appropriate pace or time interval to achieve a heart rate training zone
  • Running at the appropriate pace for undulating terrain
  • Swimming at the appropriate pace for endurance swimming

Race Strategy Preparation.

Having a strategy and a plan for each race is important to get the best result. Your coach will help you prepare for each race with a plan that suits your ability and your goal for the event.  Depending on your race, your race plans from your coach may include advice on:

  • How to best race tactically on a specific course
  • How to respond to tactics from other cyclists
  • How to position yourself for a breakaway
  • How to position yourself for sprinting
  • Power targets and limits for the bike during breakaways
  • Heart rate zone guides and upper limits of the bike for breakaways
  • Technical feedback on a specific course and how to approach challenges within the race
  • Guides for nutrition and hydration schedules for longer races

If you race with a power meter, your cycle coach can also provide you with accurate predictions of your bike splits if you are able to maintain the power targets they provide for endurance events such. This is incredibly useful for

  • Athletes racing on unfamiliar venues where it is not possible to check the course (interstate and overseas races)
  • Preparing nutrition schedules based on the expected bike length, particularly in long events such as Three Peaks or Alpine Challenge
  • Preparing athletes mentally for their expectations on the day to ensure a positive mindset

Race Analysis.

Some races go perfectly and sometimes the result isn’t what we had planned so it’s important to review each major race objectively with your coach. The reasons behind a successful (or not so successful) race can often be found by having an honest discussion with your coach combined with objective analysis of the race data. We can analyse your power output, heart rate, cadence and GPS details of your race to help you understand the areas that were limiting your performance and find key areas to improve. These suggestions may include

  • Limiting power spikes on hills and coming out of corners
  • Ensuring appropriate gear selection on varying terrain including hills
  • Improving tactical decisions and the execution of your planned tactics

Strength Programs.

If you’re after a strength training program that can be done anywhere, anytime, and using equipment that you have available, we can provide you with a personalised strength training program. Our high-quality strength training programs utilise easy to follow, step-by-step video guides through PhysiApp.

All our PhysiApp Strength Training programs contain:

  • Video examples of each exercise
  • Recommended sets and repetitions
  • Appropriate exercise selection for the equipment you have access to
  • Guides on how to select an appropriate weight and how to progress

Find out more about our strength training programs here.

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