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Bont Helix

Bont Helix

The Bont Helix is a carbon-soled cycling shoe featuring a single BOA dial. The single dial means that operation of the shoe is simplified and easy for adjustments mid-race or in the last lap of a crit for the finishing sprint.

Bont Cycling Shoes use an anatomic fit, with the ability to carbon mould the shoe for a wider foot. The cycling shoes are designed around how a foot should best sit biomechanically while on a bike, which is a position different to how the foot is when walking or running.

The sole of the shoe is made of carbon construction, with a textured grid to adjust cleats and keep them in position. An anti-stretch layer similar to kevlar sits between the outer Durolite upper and inner lining that ensures better efficiency of power transfer by minimising the losses during the pull-up phase of the pedal stroke.

A replaceable toe protector helps protect the shoe from contact with the front wheel but also has ventilation ports to cool the foot.

The shoe uses a 3 hole mounting system, making it compatible with all major road cleat systems.


  • 13 January 2021