Athlete Performance Screening

Athlete Performance Screening with Sugi Health

Onebody provides professional, medically driven health and performance assessments via Dr Ding & Sugi Health.

They use data gained from baseline medical testing to formulate actionable insights to optimise an individual’s performance goals
The baseline of your health statistics are collected via:
athlete performance screening

Why these tests?

  • DEXA scans allow practitioners to understand body asymmetries and weaknesses, identify potential bone stress injuries and understand resting metabolic rates and macros to assist in weight management
  • Blood Panels identifies baseline nutritional status and deficiencies ensuring adequate minerals like Calcium and Vitamin D are adequate for an endurance athlete. In addition, for women, allows intervention in cases of hormonal imbalances that may affect athletic performance.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring shows how an individual tolerates and metabolises glucose and understand glucose response so you can fuel with the right food at the right time for optimum performance

Initial Testing Process

Two sessions 45 mins are setup with the practitioner (Dr. Ding). 

  • First consultation is to discuss and understand any health concerns, explain process, and baseline tests and understand your specific goals.
  • Second consultation is to explain the baseline data collected and turn them into actionable insights applicable to your training and performance.

A Short Bio of Dr Ding

Dr. Ding is the founding Medical Director of Sugi Health. She is a Consultant Endochrinologist at Westmead Hospital. She received her undergraduate degree in Basic Medical Sciences (BMed. Sci) and her medical degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom in 2005.

As part of her medical training, she completed a research fellowship at Joslin Diabetes Centre and Harvard Medical School in Boston where she participated in and published research work focusing on investigating the cardiometabolic effects of weight loss surgery and intensive diabetes and weight loss lifestyle management in obese patients.

Dr. Ding is an avid exerciser herself and has keen interest in applying her medical knowledge to understand the right mix of exercises (strength, cardio, mobility and stability) will maximise her individual athletic performance and to keep herself healthy for the long haul.