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How to Choose a Triathlon Coach

How to Choose a Triathlon Coach

Every athlete has unique performance goals that need to be approached with a customised coaching solution and selecting a coach that’s suitable for you is an important decision.

You should always consider the following before you choose a coach:

  • What weaknesses do I need to work on & what sort of coach do I need to assist me?
  • Does the coach explain concepts in a way that I understand?
  • Does their coaching service offer the full range of sessions that I need?
  • Is the coach offering a “one size fits all” program or a customised solution?
  • What are the educational background & qualifications of the coach?
  • Do I want a coach with a high level of experience?
  • Do I want a coach with a high level of technical knowledge of the sport?
  • Do I wants a coach with a high level technical understanding of the human anatomy & biomechanics?
  • Do their current or ex-athletes have a history of injury or overtraining?
  • Lastly, always ask the coach’s current and ex-athletes about what they think of the coach’s strengths/weaknesses

Onebody offers multiple coaching packages that are customised to suit the individual and provide a balance between training, sporting performance and a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who want optimum results should always seek out customised coaching advice and steer away from coaches offering “one size fits all” training programs.

Onebody offers a full coaching service with a range of sessions available and multiple coaches to suit your needs, personality and goals. All athletes are provided with unique programs that work towards improving their weaknesses while still increasing their strengths. Each Onebody athlete is expected to keep in regular contact with their coach to ensure that optimum results are achieved.

Triathlon is a sport that should be fun as well as challenging and all our coaches are focused on ensuring that your reach performance goals while avoiding injury and illness.

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