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How to ride lower and longer with the right saddle

We commonly see bike fit clients that struggle to fit on standard geometry frames because their current bike position has them riding with a significant number of spacers and a stem with a positive angle. For many clients, the reason that they need to sit so upright on a bike has nothing to do with the frame – it’s due to their saddle selection.

A well selected saddle will allow a rider to rotate their hips forward and provide appropriate support underneath their pelvis without crushing the soft tissues of the perineum. This can usually be achieved with a saddle that features a cut out section through the centre of the saddle. Our preferred road saddle brand for is Selle SMP as they feature a distinctive curve to the rear of the saddles and an appropriate cut out to allow you to rotate your pelvis forward. Saddles within the Selle SMP range such as the Dynamic, Drakon, Lite 209 and Forma are excellent options to encourage riders to roll their pelvis forward.

Rolling the pelvis forward and being able to support the riders weight appropriately provide a number of benefits including reduced strain on both the lower and upper spine. It also allows riders to ride lower and longer set ups because the rotation of their pelvis now allows this to be accommodated.

how to ride lower and longer with improved saddle selection

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