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How to eliminate foot pain, hot spots and numbness when cycling

Foot numbness is common through the forefoot and toes for many cyclists and is a common complaint we see with our bike fit clients. The following will provide you with our thoughts on how to eliminate foot pain.

If there are no underlying medical / podiatry conditions causing the foot numbness, we find that the issue is usually being created by one or more of the following

  • poor cleat placement
  • poor arch support within the shoe
  • cycling shoes that are too narrow or the wrong size

During our bike fit, we will assess a person’s foot, their cleat placement and their selection of cycling shoes. We then take notes on any relevant medical history to help eliminate foot pain. This helps us determine the likely cause of their foot numbness when cycling.

To resolve the issue of foot numbness, we gain the best results when we can spread the pressure of the pedal/cleat interface with a higher surface area of the foot. This effectively spreads the load of the pedal interface and reduces any localised pressure spots. This simple solution will resolve foot pain, foot discomfort, foot numbness and burning nerve sensations in most cyclists.

How do we reduce the pressure applied to the foot to reduce numbness?

Initially, we ensure that the cleat is placed directly underneath the metatarsals correctly. Every person will have this set up slightly differently. But the centre of the cleat will be around the horizontal centre line between the 1st and 5th metatarsals. This will place the cleat directly underneath the ball of the foot for a firm contact point.

cleat placement to reduce foot numbness

Next, we will mould Retul Futbed custom cycling insoles for the person. This will ensure that the arch of their foot is appropriately supported within their shoe and that the load of the pedal interface is shared across the entire foot. For the vast majority of bike fit clients with foot complaints, a combination of cleat placement and Retul Futbeds completely resolve their foot discomfort issues.

retul fubed moulding tray  retul futbed custom cycle insert moulding

Heat Moulded Retul Futbed custom cycling insole   Retul Futbed custom cycling insole in a heat moulded Bont Vaypor S for eliminating foot pain

A combination of optimal cleat placement and Retul Futbeds effectively spread the pressure from the pedal interface across the entire surface area of the foot. Eliminating any localized pressure or hot spots that cause pain.

Finally, for people with complex issues such as bunions, unusually wide feet or unique a bony prominence in their foot. We can heat mould Bont cycling shoes to eliminate any contact points that cause discomfort or pain. This provides not only a comfortable cycling shoe that fits a person perfectly, but it resolves many problems associated with unique foot shape.

The solutions listed above are just some of the common options available to people with foot pain. Foot numbness and hotfoot nerve burning sensations when cycling. If you are experiencing foot issues when cycling, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.

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