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Strength Training In Cycling

Have you ever thought about improving your cycling efficiency by not spending time on the bike? Ever wondered how you can improve your bike split time through becoming a more efficient rider? In addition to this, improving your cycling efficiency can also have a positive influence on your ability to run off the bike.

bont-vapour-s-side cycling shoe

How thinner cycling shoes can improve your performance

The thickness of your cycling shoe should be an important consideration when you select your next pair for riding your bike. Many clients during a retul bike fit have limited flexibility and this creates restriction when their knee approaches their chest at the top of the pedal stroke.

Why you need an online triathlon coach that understands data analysis

Many online triathlon coaches will analyse data and provide feedback on the average numbers that appear on their trainingpeaks portal. But how many online triathlon coaches truly understand what the information means and more importantly – how many can use it to help you improve your training quality, training behaviour and your race results?


Busselton Ironman and 70.3 Training and Racing

The Busselton Ironman and 70.3 are iconic long course triathlon races in an absolutely stunning location Currently there are 6 months to the race in December, a great time frame to plan and prepare for the event, to work on your swim technique to become a more efficient swimmer, bike endurance and cycling run efficiency

The importance of hip mobility for your bike fit position

Hip stability and maintaining a fluid range of motion around the hip region are important to maximize power production when cycling and to prevent cycling based injuries. A bike fit position that is too aggressive or a saddle that does not allow the correct pelvic orientation may result in significant losses of power production that inhibit performance and create discomfort or injury.