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Why you need an online triathlon coach that understands data analysis

Many online triathlon coaches will analyse data and provide feedback on the average numbers that appear on their trainingpeaks portal. But how many online triathlon coaches truly understand what the information means and more importantly – how many can use it to help you improve your training quality, training behaviour and your race results? We specialize in understanding the data that our online triathlon athletes upload for us. The best way for us to coach an athlete remotely without seeing them every day is to receive their training information and look past the average numbers and see what how their training sessions are really going. Online Triathlon Coaching Tools The information that we look at on a daily basis for all our online triathlon athletes include:
  1. cycle power data
  2. cycling cadence data
  3. heart rate data
  4. running pace data
  5. running cadence data
  6. swimming stroke rates
  7. swimming paces
We can take average details, normalized power, intensity factors, TSS scores and so on from all of the above information but that only forms part of the picture. We always look past the average data and zoom in on your uploaded training files and find all the behaviours specific to you that we can help you improve. We can see a lot of training and racing behaviours from from an uploaded training file that are hidden by the average numbers. Some of the common areas we can see for improvement from an uploaded data file includes:
  1. Poor gear selection on the bike leading to power spikes and soft pedalling
  2. Riding too hard up hills and having large power spikes
  3. Frequent freewheeling and rest breaks on the bike
  4. Riding too hard compared to your functional threshold power
  5. Riding too easy
  6. Running too fast for your aerobic capacity
  7. poor running pacing leading to fatigue
  8. Changes in running stride  and running efficiency (same pace, slower running cadence)
  9. Changes in swimming pace and stroke rate from fatigue
These are all big areas of your training that you can target to reach your potential and all of them can be hidden if you only analyse the average numbers. If you would like to know more about how our online triathlon coaching services can help you train remotely, please contact us.

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