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Parlee TTiR LE – Black Sparkly Gloss & Red

This Parlee TTiR was built for a triathlete racing at the World Championships on a hilly course that featured a large hill climb as part of the time trial course. It needed to be as light as a road bike for climbing, handle well on descents and also fast in a straight line. It also needed to be a unique paint job – something that Parlee can always deliver! 

With such a specific build brief, the componentry choices for this bike would be extremely important, hence why SRAM Red AXS was used, providing the gearing range needed to climb and descend the course, while also ensuring that the weight was low.

The Parlee TTiR features disc brakes, helping the rider to better control their speed. The handling was also aided through the choice of the Zipp 858 NSWs, as they provide the necessary aerodynamic benefits for a world championship, while also having a low weight and great crosswind stability.

The Parlee TTiR integrated aero bars were used, as they provided an optimal fit for the athlete. The base bar of the bike was kept reasonably low so that they could get their centre of gravity low for the descend and enable the bike to handle like a road bike as much as possible. 

This rider was relatively short but flexible, allowing the cranks arms of the bike to be reduced to 165mm so that they could increase the space between the knees and chest during the time trial position for maximum power output as well as ensure they can run effectively off the bike. 

The aero bars at the front of the were kept reasonably low as it suited the flexibility of the rider and enabled them to have an aggressive time trial position. Similarly, the ISM Adamo time trial saddle allowed the rider to get closer to the bottom bracket by riding on the nose, better positioning them for the run.

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