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Parlee Z-Zero Disc Custom Geometry – Toffee Clear Coat

Parlee custom paint jobs never fail to deliver a bike with an amazing finish and this Parlee Z-Zero was no exception. The client had seen a paint job that they loved and we supplied the images to Parlee to create a similar effect. The bike appears a toffee colour from a distance, changes colour in the sunlight and when you are up close – you can see completely through to the carbon weave. Images simply do not do this paint job justice. 

The bike had to handle well for climbing and descents in large multi-stage gran fondos over mountain ranges – so of course, it had to be disc brake.

The Parlee was also one of the first bikes in Australia  (if not the first bike in Australia) with the latest SRAM Red AXS. We actually held off building the bike for a few weeks to wait for the release of the new 12-speed groupset. We pre-ordered the groupset for this bike before it was released so that it could be shipped on the first day possible. The parts arrived the next day and the Z-Zero was built up as soon as the parts arrived.

The geometry of the bike was determined through a Retul frame selection bike fit where we determined the geometry and componentry of the ideal bike for their biomechanics. We then worked with Parlee to turn those details into the ideal frame geometry and carbon layup for this amazing bike. 

This Parlee Z Zero is well-deserving of top-tier components, hence Zipp’s 454 NSW were chosen for the wheelset, providing significant aerodynamic benefits without compromising the handling in crosswinds. They also help to keep the weight down, as they offer the best all-round performance of any Zipp wheelset. The SRAM Red AXS is a standout feature of this bike build, providing the best quality in terms of shifting, gear range and weight. It is paired with a Quarq power meter built into the chainring of the groupset, providing accurate data while minimising the weight impact onto the bike. The Parlee Carbon drop bars were covered with Supacaz bar tape, while a Selle SMP Dynamic provided the other point of contact on the frame. The length of the stem and the saddle were both determined using the Retul bike fit process, allowing the custom geometry of the frame to be mimicked, better fitting the rider to the bike.
This custom Parlee Z Zero frame was built from scratch from Parlee and featured a longer frame reach and higher frame stack than most bikes. This suited the long torso and arms of the rider. The carbon used in its manufacture was compliant for long-distance riding and cruising on endurance rides. The final touches to this magnificent bike build were the use of Zipp’s Tangente tyres and the Parlee Arundel bottle cages. This is definitely a nice bike!

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