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Quintana Roo PRsix2 – The Blue Weapon

Spare no expense! This bike has to be the fastest bike with no stone left unturned. It was built for racing on flat short course triathlon courses and features the best of the best. This custom build started with a Retul frame selection bike fit to determine the best position possible and the frame choices were narrowed down to this Quintana Roo PRsix2 as being the best choice. The frame itself allows a very forward saddle position (non-UCI legal) but perfect for triathlon racing where the best possible position and the maximum power to go fast is the goal.

The next step was to pick the equipment that would power this speed machine. SRAM Red AXS was chosen in a 1x configuration, as the 12-speed drivetrain offers enough range for the flatter courses and this was built to be a race bike. It also provides faster shifting than a 2x setup, while reducing both weight and more importantly drag.

A Quarq power meter was chosen to measure the power that would spin these wheels, allowing the rider to best pace their effort over the race leg. The power efficiency was maximised through the use of the Zipp 858 NSW wheelset, the most efficient wheelset on offer short of a disc wheel. It helps to provide stability in crosswind sections, while also keeping the weight of the build lower than a disc wheel would.

The Profile Design Aeria Ultimate aerobar system was chosen to steer the bike, due to the wide range of adjustability that it offers as well as the aerodynamic benefits of the full carbon cockpit. A Selle SMP T5 provided the other contact point on the Quintana Roo,  determined to best fit the rider during the Retul frame selection. It allowed him to get closer to the bottom bracket, allowing for better power transfer and an increased hip flexor angle.

The Quintana Roo PRsix2 was also CeramicSpeed equipped, using a coated bottom bracket which reduces drag as well as providing a stiff platform for power transfer. The Oversized Pulley System was also used from CeramicSpeed, offering a further reduction in the amount of power lost to groupset inefficiencies.

This bike is reasonably aggressive in the front end, but this was suitable for the riders flexibility and experience. The bike features shorter 165mm cranks for maximum space to the chest when pedalling and to help them run effectively off the bike. Supacaz bar tape was used to provide a grippy surface for the rider, while the Supacaz Tron Side mount cages allowed the rider to store their fluids. A Profile design top tube nutrition box allowed the rider to remain tucked while refuelling. The Quintana Roo Qbox storage system offers the ability to store essential spares, while a K-edge TT mount allowed for the data to be readily available to the rider through a head unit.

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