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Using compression for recovery from training

Effective recovery from training and competition is an important part of an athlete’s plan, allowing them to complete and back up from high intensity workouts or races, and consolidate training gains, leading to overall improved performance. Compression has been widely used as a recovery technique, previously through the use of garments such as skins or socks, however growing in popularity …

Best Fundamental Tips for your First Ironman

Training for your first Ironman isn’t easy, especially if life is busy.  Learning to train effectively and avoid some of the most common pitfalls can make a huge difference. Some of the best advice we can give you is learning how to train within the right training zones and heart rate zones so that you build a strong capacity for …

athletes using compression for recovery

Practical Recovery Techniques

What Happens to your body during Training? Exercise and training result in muscle tissue breakdown, depletion of energy stores and fluid losses. To ensure that your body repairs and strengthens its systems in between training sessions, you must include adequate rest and recovery periods to maximise the benefits of your training sessions.