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Custom Build – Parlee RZ7 – Zipp 454s

This bike was built to be as aerodynamically as fast as possible, while still featuring the necessary comforts for long days spent riding. The Parlee RZ7 frame suited these criteria perfectly, with its aerodynamic focus, whilst not overlooking key characteristics such as wide tyre clearance and disc brakes.

The best all-around Zipps available were chosen for this build, the Zipp 454 NSW, helping the rider to be more efficient through aerodynamics, while also providing good crosswind stability. This is achieved through the sawtooth shaping of the rim-profile.

The SRAM Force AXS groupset was chosen, as it provides high-quality electronic shifting, as well as disc brake compatibility. The groupset also adds an additional 12th gear over traditional 11-speed groupsets, providing greater range, at both ends.

The bike was fitted based on a previous road bike position and remains relatively comfort-focused. This helps the rider to sustain power, improving times more than an aggressive but uncomfortable position would. The position itself was determined with a Retul Frame selection.

A Quarq power meter was added, providing accurate and reliable power from the chainring spider. This helps the rider to better measure their effort, providing a better way to pace and train.

The use of disc brakes ensures that this Parlee RZ7 has enough stopping power for its high-speed focus, providing better modulation. The use of the SRAM AXS groupset also ensures that the hoods are a comfortable size with the hydraulic reservoirs.

The Parlee carbon handlebar and stem means that a semi-integrated cockpit is achieved, further improving aerodynamics. This system still allows for bars and stems to be easily worked on, however, another benefit of using the Parlee RZ7.

The bike is finished using Arundel Gecko bar tape in black Supacaz bottle cages. Continental GP5000 TL is the tyre of choice in a tubeless configuration, offering more grip and comfort, with less rolling resistance.

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