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Using compression for recovery from training

Effective recovery from training and competition is an important part of an athlete’s plan, allowing them to complete and back up from high intensity workouts or races, and consolidate training gains, leading to overall improved performance. Compression has been widely used as a recovery technique, previously through the use of garments such as skins or socks, however growing in popularity …

Long Course Racing Checklist

Long Course triathlon racing such as Ironman, 70.3 and Ultimate distance events have their own dynamics in racing and training.  These distances have a greater importance on nutrition, mental preparation and pacing than other distances.

Nepean Triathlon Bike Power Profiles

The Nepean Triathlon bike course reverted to a previous course for this year’s event, a challenging ride with a variety of different sections. Analysing a number of bike power profiles from the Nepean Triathlon you can see different cycling behaviour which result in different performances…

Triathlon Pink – A great entry level triathlon!

The 1st Ladies Pink triathlon for the season is nearly here, with a variety of distances to choose from.These are great events for ladies and girls to do their 1st triathlon, which includes a pool swim rather than open water and is in a controlled environment with no traffic.The events are for women and girls only, and have a great fun atmosphere.

What to do on race day - Your first Triathlon!

What to do on race day – Your first Triathlon !

So you’ve trained for your first triathlon, swum, biked and run and maybe included some stretching and strength and core stability work as well.Perhaps you have joined a swim squad and worked on your swim technique to become more efficient swimmer, as well as cycling and running to build up your endurance and fitness.

Strength Training In Cycling

Have you ever thought about improving your cycling efficiency by not spending time on the bike? Ever wondered how you can improve your bike split time through becoming a more efficient rider? In addition to this, improving your cycling efficiency can also have a positive influence on your ability to run off the bike.